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    FashionA�jewellery for the trend savvy

    Chinnu Kala, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur, was inspired to move beyond her merchandising company and put together her own line BuyLead2of fashion jewellery when she saw a marked gap between international trends and work by Indian designers. a�?We have so much potential in this country, but our Indian jewellery designers stick to traditional aesthetics and materials,a�? she begins.

    BuyLead8Everyday royals
    She started Rubans (meaning ribbons in French) to bridge that gap and explore her creativity. She sources materials and products and then redefines them. a�?I customise and reinvent each piece,a�? explains Kala, the founder of Forte Venture Solutions, a company that does merchandising for corporations like The UB Group, Sony and Set Max. Covering a large spectrum of jewellery, from neck pieces and bracelets to collars, brooches and belts, Kala follows international trends very closely. But her opulent aesthetic comes through clearly in her theme a�� Royalty with Novelty. a�?Every piece that is crafted is special and carries a certain sense of grandeur,a�? she elaborates.


    Global cues
    An easy blend of vibrancy and elegance, look out for feather earrings interspersed with strands of pearls and beads, chokers made of BuyLead5funky stones, sequinned collars, chunky belts or the very much on-trend Roman-inspired headgear that will certainly make you the belle of the ball. Kala works mainly with faux pearls, gold plates, coloured stones and coloured beads following globally popular trends. Her pieces can work equally well in Milan or Mumbai. a�?We also have a more subdued and understated corporate range that is a mix of fun and sophistication,a�? says the designer who cites rose gold as the current rage and purple as this seasona��s colour to pick in jewellery.

    BuyLead4Mini me
    Rubans is also the only brand in the country that has a streamlined range of accessories for kids. Tiaras, brooches, headbands in all shapes and sizes, and purses in vibrant colours for girls meets cutesy bow-ties with funky checks, cars and more for boys. So you can dress up your tots like their favourite fairy tale royals. Generously embellished with flowers and beads, the delicate pieces are both functional, decorative and fun.



    Rs 1,500 upwards. Opening by February 28 at Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield. Details: rubansindia.com

    a��Susanna Chandy



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