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    Dev R Nil will debut their power cocktail saris in the city, paired with unusual blouses and jackets A�

    DESIGNER Nil of the duo Dev R Nil is a master at highlighting the Indian aesthetic, as anyone who attended The India Story cultural extravaganza in Kolkata last October will attest. Together with scenographer Swarup Dutta, Nil helped curate the best of Indian heritage for a discerning audience. So when he insists that Dev R Nil will reinvent the power cocktail sari at a FICCI fundraiser in Chennai, we take him at his word. a�?Our design story began about 13 years ago, when we first began retailing in Chennai and Bangalore,a�? explains the designer, admitting that their USP has been texturing, embroidery and finish. In Chennai, the duo will pull out all the stops to present three lines. There is their famous print story a�� a�?easy, breezy, celebrating pret to diffusion in nudes, beige, white and the leaf print,a�? says Nil. Their weaves come next, but in a darker palette, with applique, texturing and a bit of bling. The final line, that they are thrilled about, will feature textured cocktail saris with blouses and jackets. Calling it the a�?power cocktail saria�?, Nil says they feature extensive threadwork and cutwork that present a lace-like effect. a�?They will come in jewel tones, with 3D embroidery and very contemporary lines,a�? he adds. Just dona��t expect their saris to borrow the western silhouette. a�?We forget that the sari is an inheritance. The moment you take away its character, it loses its value,a�? he concludes. The show will be choreographed by friend and super model, Nayanika Chatterjee.
    February 15 at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. The designers will present their Spring-Summer line of saris, shirt-dresses, ikat skirts and more at Collage the next day. Cocktail saris from Rs 35,000 onwards. Details: 28291443

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