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    Alternative music nights are back, with IndiEartha��s a�?resurrectiona�� post the floods

    Tomorrow, IndiEarth at The Parka�� the monthly show created to encourage independent artistes in the countrya��is back. But this one will be special as ita��s their first since the Chennai floods. a�?We lost our entire studio space and equipment to the waters. But for us, our music, cinema and the arts have been our guides through the darkest of times,a�? says Sonya Mazumdar, CEO, who hopes the city and the artiste community will come a�?on this special night to show its solidarity and support for the artsa�?. This edition will feature two young and progressive acts a�� Func (Randolph Correia, one half of Mumbaia��s electronica pop act Shaaa��ir & Func) and Ahmedabad-based band, Aswekeepsearching.
    While guitarist/producer Correia will be performing a solo set that will dive into different dimensions of sound, Aswekeepsearching will bring their brand of a�?aggressively emotionala�? music to the city. Band member and vocalist Uddipan Sarmah says that with their young approach to ambient and post-rock music with Hindi vocals, they are a�?trying to builda�? an experience. a�?Each member has a different taste and that lends a unique quality to our music,a�? he says, revealing they will be introducing two new tracks here, in addition to popular tracks like The Tattva and Aakorxan.
    Meanwhile, IndiEarth promises an exciting year ahead, facilitating Indian artistes to perform abroad. Folk troupe Tapattam will be playing at the iconic Sakifo Festival in the Reunion Island, while folktronica duo Filter Coffee will play at the Alchemy Festival in London.Tomorrow, at 9 pm. Free entry. Details: 9962638526
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