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City restaurants are going beyond the regular sorbets to offer unique flavours this season

The Mercury is rising and with it are coming up different summer coolants with a twist. Sorbet is one such thing. Many city restaurants and cafes are coming up with a variety of unique sorbets ranging from flavours like Jaljeera, Aam Panna, Rose Petals and even Nimbupani. Sorbet is often confused with a�?sherbeta��, an Arabic word for a drink of mashed fruit and cool water. Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with water, syrup and fruit pulp of choice. The legend goes that it was Roman Emperor Nero invented sorbet as he used to relish frozen fruit juices. So try out these coolants in their new avatars. We bring our picks for you:

Watermelon sorbetGinger and watermelon sorbet
This one is a classic combination. The coolness of summer fruit and ginger gives you that punch of spiciness and sweetness. The combination is not just mouth-watering, it keeps your system cools as well. a�?We have this preparation only for special occasions. However, an order can be placed beforehand on request,a�? says chef Chandra Shekhar Pandey. Price: Rs 350. Details: 67331133

litchi sorbetLitchi sorbet
Relish it at a place known for authentic Chinese food. Litchi, which is originally a fruit of China, finds delicious makeover in the form of litchi sorbet at China Bistro, Jubilee Hills. What you will enjoy the most is that the glass of this sorbet comes with a popsicle. The taste is sweet with a delightful hint of sourness. Price: Rs 190++ taxes. Details: 65160999

Chili mango sorbet
Remember those childhood days when on hot afternoons we all would relish sour raw mangoes with a dash of chillies and rock salt? Get the similar taste when you put a spoonful of chili mango sorbet in your mouth. This blast of tangy-hot taste is available at Gallery Cafe, Banjara Hills. Says owner Supriya Lahoti, a�?We keep experimenting with different flavours like Kala Khatta, watermelon and lemon-mint. This one is a hit among our customers.a�? Price: Ita��s complimentary to the order you place. Details: 9030616161

rose sorbetRose petal and dateA�sorbet
Sounds Oriental? Well, at Casbah, The Westin, you can relish this sumptuous delight that cools your mind and body instantly. The recipe is based on that of gulqand, an age-old health tonic made with rose-petals, slivers of dates and
honey. And thata��s how they make it at Casbah. Says chef Mukesh Sharma, a�?The texture comes out really smooth. Ita��s both a cleanser and coolant.a�? Price: Rs 250. Details: 67676767

Buttermilk sorbetNimbupani and buttermilk sorbet
Well, try out these two local common local flavours in your chilled glass at Novotel. They use basic sorbet syrup stabilizer, lemon juice and rind. The mixture is churned in the machine. Added with rock-salt, ita��s a sweet-tangy delight sure to excite your tastebuds. Similar is their buttermilk sorbet with relevant flavours. Says executive chef G. Muthu Kumar, a�?We get local clientele as well during the lunch-time and for summer brunches we present these local yet unique sorbets.a�? Whata��s more they are working on thandai sorbet as well. Price: Rs 250++ taxes. Details: 66824422

Text: Saima Afreen


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