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    Mastaangi couple on their show about reincarnationA�OTBSide2

    Youth shows on Indian TV have started exploring new territories of late. Mastaangi is a case in point. It follows the lives of college students Karan Malhotra (Aakash Talwar) and Ria Sareen (Swati Kapoor), who were lovers in their previous lives (as RAW and ISI agents, Kabir and Udita). Twenty one years ago, in 1995, they died under mysterious circumstances. Now, you will see Malhotra and Sareen grappling with flashes of their past.
    The challenge of playing two different characters, set in two different times, attracted actors Talwar and Kapoor to the show. And they are enjoying their back-to-back shoots in Pune at the moment. a�?Viewers have responded positively. They like the old track, and are curious about how Karan and Ria will find out about their past,a�? says Talwar, whose present-day character Karan is as passionate as his Kabir avatar. a�?Ia��m a man of extremes on the show, whoa��ll do anything to help a friend, or save my country,a�? he adds.
    Meanwhile, Sareen is coming to terms with signs of her past life. Kapoor tells us, a�?In last life, my character never got a chance to explain, why she was doing what she was doing. So now, she is over-explanatory. She cana��t stand the fact that people dona��t want to listen to her explanations.a�?
    We asked if the duo believes in the cycle of rebirth. Kapoor says, a�?I have read that you get to choose people you want to be with in your next life. I can somewhere relate to this on the show.a�? Talwar, whereas, does believe in a�?what goes around comes arounda�?.

    Monday-Saturday. 6 pm on Channel V
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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