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Stylish Cara Delevin-gne talks about her character in Suicide Squad and living  dangerously.

From being open about her sexual preferences and her love affair with American singer-songwriter Annie Clark to being featured in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, 23-year-old Cara Delevingne is the talk of the town. All set to hit the screen with her role in one of the most-awaited superhero movies of this year, the fashion model and cover girl for British Vogue’s September issue, plays an archaeologist who gets possessed by an evil force, turning her into a sorceress in Suicide Squad. Delevingne shares screen space with an enviable ensemble cast including Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. Here, she talks to us about her character, her look in the movie and memorable moments on sets.

What was your reaction when writer-director David Ayer first approached you about playing Dr June Moone/Enchantress?
I first met David two years ago, long before the script was written. It was more David himself that drew me to the project. I think it was more the fantasy of it because from the moment he told me about the Enchantress and the ethereal world she was part of, I was in.

Can you talk about the accent you have in the film?
Well, Dr June Moone is American, but I felt that the Enchantress is English.  She’s been on this planet for many, many years and America is obviously a newer country.

A memorable moment during production?
The first day was fun and memorable. I had to fall like 10 or 20 feet down a cave chute.  My favorite scene was probably when I first meet myself— in essence, when June meets the Enchantress.  I acted out the two different parts on two separate days.

Can you talk about your chemistry with your co-stars?
When we’re together, we just turn into naughty school kids. We all sit at the back of the bus, chanting and singing loudly and obnoxiously [laughs].

Did you need to train for the physical aspects of the role?
I didn’t do quite as much training as the others. My character is a witch, so she doesn’t fight necessarily.  But I did a bit of fight training anyway, just for fun [laughs].  Everyone trained in martial arts and I did get my yellow belt.
Suicide Squad is set to release in India today

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