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Post booze and excess, herea��s how you can get back on track in 2014

Get bootylicious
1A boot camp will melt away those new love handles. And Ajit Sigamania��s Combat Kinetics has just the right one for youa��a three-month Body Transformation programme. It will re-evaluate your diet, restructure your schedules (sleep, work, party, etc) and rework your exercise regimen. a�?The programme will not just improve your body, strength and mobility, but also improve your skin, hair and energy levels,a�? says Sigamani. Cost: Rs12,000. Details: combatkinetics.com

Shape up smart
5There is no excuse not to Shut up and Train in 2014. Celebrity trainer Deanne Pandey gives you a book full of reasons why. a�?In 2014, you should focus on a comprehensive workout and lifestyle change,a�? says Pandey. a�?The book is a comprehensive guide on how you can improve your stamina, boost your metabolism, eat right and work out efficiently so that you get the body youa��ve always wanted.a�?
Cost: Rs299. Details: randomhouse.co.in

Couplea��s retreat
2Dona��t ditch your significant other in your bid to relax. Head on over to ITC Grand Cholaa��s Kaya Kalp Spa for a couplea��s massage. Indulge in an exotic 30-minute pomegranate sugar scruba��a deep-cleansing indulgence that will give you a boost of antioxidants and leave your skin refresheda��followed by a 90-minute massage that will relieve any muscular tension. Cost: Rs10,950. Details: 22200000

Right reflex
3All those nights dancing in your high heels must have your feet screaming murder. Pamper them with the special foot reflexology package at The Dune Eco Villagea��s Paradise Spa. The one-hour package includes a foot soak, foot scrub and relaxing foot massage. Cost: Rs2,500 plus tax. Details: 9360688646


Tech fit
Fitbit_Force_35828458_31For some extra motivation, try out the various health gadgets out there. Restaurateur Vipin Sachdev has a wrist band from Fitbit. a�?It calculates how long youa��ve walked, how many steps youa��ve climbed and how many calories youa��ve lost,” he says. a�?It also tells you how well youa��ve slept and when your sleep was disturbed. You can change your lifestyle accordingly,a�? he concludes. Cost: $129.95.
Details: fitbit.com.

Flush it out
DSC06155On January 1, make liquids your new best friend. a�?Cleansing your body is very important. Start your day with fresh lime or gooseberry,a�? says Shiny Chandran, a weight management consultant. a�?One could have porridge for breakfast. I also suggest tomato, carrot and beetroot juice.a�? But if you cana��t forgo solids, try eggs, fresh fruits, steamed or stir-fried veggies for two weeks. a�?For dinner, go with a light soup,a�?
she says. Details: 30259975

Fighting fit
MBNew7With over 1,300 exercises in their database, Jetfit, available on both Android and iOS devices, should be your go-to app and website this year. You can create personalised workout prgrammes that help you stay disciplinedA�with animated and detailed information available for each regime. You can then view progress statistics, record data and easily sync the data so anywhere you go, you never miss a beat. It also allows you to share the data to keep youA�motivated and goal-oriented. Details: jefit.com


Army energy
MBNew5For a new workout you wona��t get bored of, try the TRX training at The Zone. Born from the training regime of the Navy SEALs, the Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.A�You can use the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the usera��s body weight for the exercise while pushing limits is entirely up to you. A very strenuous workout, this one really keeps you fit and ready to take on any challenge including A�hand-to-hand combat. Details: 25529366

Date for one
Carve out some alone time to refresh yourself with Taj Coromandela��s special deal at Jiva Spa. Cool down with a deeply nourishing 30-minute scrub, then soothe your sore muscles with a 60-minute massagea��using bespoke blends that include kewda, frankincense and brahmi. Wrap up your indulgent break by sipping their signature detox tea at the relaxation lounge.
Cost: Rs3,800 plus tax. Details: 66313131

What to avoid
Contrary to popular belief, working off your guilt with physical activity the day after is not a great idea. According to Nita Futnani, a fitness trainer at Leap Wellness Studio, strenuous activity will only aggravate your hangover. a�?Even while doing yoga, shavasana will be your best choice,a�? she says. But once you sober up, a�?Pilates is a good option because your breathing gets aligned, so you feel bettera��mentally and emotionally,a�? she adds.
Details: 42316531

Slow and steady
Anjali Sareen, instructor, trainer and co-founder of The Zone Pilates Studio (Koramangala) says Pilates is a good option. a�?It is known for its focus on the mind-body connection and 3-dimensional breathing, focusing the lateral and lower aspects of the rib-cage and lungs that tend to be under-utilized, is encouraged,a�? she says adding that this then leads to a more efficient exchange of gases, better muscle recovery and release of unnecessary tension and stress in the body; all leading to a calmer, more energized mind and body. Details: 25529366

The dawn of the New Year is never bright. Ita��s usually a bleary onea��thanks to days of late-night revelry, pigging out… ahem, sampling of gourmet dishes and, of course, forgiving yourself that one last glass (or dozen) of bubbly. However, 2014 needna��t see you curled up under your blankets, curtains pulled firmly against the sun, bemoaning your fall from the a�?fit and healthya�� wagon. We bring you a selectiona��from boot camps to apps to couplesa�� massagesa��to get you back on your feet.

Text: Surya Praphulla Kumar, Mrinalini Sundar & Aakanksha Devi