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    The pan project
    For those who are skeptical about their pizzas getting cold by the time they are delivered, California Pizza Kitchen has started a campaign where delivery boys will show customers how to reheat a pizza on a pan. This free service is available all month. Pizzas from Rs 325 plus tax onwards. Details: 65108888

    Veggie delights
    On Haven Sampoornaa��s new menu, expect dishes like the tandoori platter, falafel and hummus pamodoro served with warm pizza crust and drinks like blood rush smoothie, Caribbean calypso, groovy green smoothie and mock sangria. There are also desserts like spiced cream brulee.A� Starters from Rs 90 onwards. Details: 30853665

    Chaat corner
    Kaidi Kitchen has launched a new chaat section, Chatpate Chaats, with street foods like vada pav and pav bhaji, along with Continental dishes like jacket potatoes, baked ratatouille and more. Meal for two from around Rs 160 onwards. Details: 42009701

    Chefa��s special
    The next time you visit Tuscana Pizzeria, ask for their new Chefa��s Suggestions Menu, co-created by fitness enthusiasts Farhan Sajjad and Ajay Reddy. Find dishes like the Pesce Puttanesca (fish fillets cooked in a tomato-based sauce and served with spaghetti) on it. Pizzas from Rs 535 plus tax. Details: 45038008

    Biryani binge
    Five Star Chicken has added biryani and samosas to its list of specials. The biryani is made of basmati rice with chicken, fried onions and cialntro-mint leaves, while the samosas feature minced chicken and spices. Both are available in vegetarian versions as well. Biryani from Rs 79 and samosas from Rs 29. Details: 9940570911


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