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Sweet somethings
Confectionery brand LuvIt launched its new range of candies, lollies and toffees. The flavours and colours vary from mango to caramel. Since ita��s summer they have introduced watermelon flavour too.
Price: Rs 5. Details: www.globalcp.in

Summer relief
To beat the heat, K&K, ITC Kakatiya introduces Hadaya-El-Seyf (Gifts of the Summer) for the food lovers of Hyderabad. Price: approx Rs. 3,000++ taxes for two. The festival will continue till April end. Time: 12.30 pm-11 pm. Details: 40081816

Kebab craziness
Well, IPL fever is on. Deori at The Hyatt Hyderabad is holding a kebab festival. The array comprises both vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters be it paneer shashlik, smoked chicken chunks or tandoori chicken you can have it all. Price: Rs 1,400++ taxes. Details: 49491234


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