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    Say cheese
    Have a weakness for cheesecake? Head to the Leela Palace to taste some handcrafted creations. With varieties like tiramisu, pear crumble, lemon meringue and salted caramel, among others, at The Cake Shop, the spread is a good mix of new flavours and conventional ones. `250++ per piece. Details: 33661234

    Caffeine high
    The Sunbeam Gourmet Coffee range from ITC brings together exquisite blends of Indian and international bean varieties. With two flavoursa��Nicamalai, a sweet aromatic blend of beans from Nicaragua and the Anamalai hills, and Panagiti, which brings together sweet beans from Panama and Baba Budangiria��it makes for the perfect pick-me-up. `800 onwards.
    Details: 22200000

    Spirit and spice
    If chicken wings figure on your list of favourite things to eat, then Plan Ba��s Lord of the Wings Festival is for you. Try out different flavours of chicken with sauce variants like Scotch bonnet pepper, five spice, bacon and Thai basil. Dona��t miss the beer and Old Monk-flavoured sauces. `215 onwards. Details: 7358398659


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