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    Your excuse to treat pooches and kitties to banana ice-cream and meaty coconut rolls.

    TUNA cakes. Liver brownies. Sardine fudge. If you’re wondering what the appropriate reaction is, it is not yum, it’s aarrf! “That’s how we know all our treats are paw-approved,” laughs Uthra Ravikanth (29). Last month, Uthra along with fellow home baker Sanjuktha M (35) launched PAWtastic, a company that creates gourmet treats exclusively for cats and dogs, and they have been getting rave reviews ever since.
    With eight dogs and 17 cats between their two households — one doesn’t have to wonder where the inspiration came from. Sanjuktha tells us how they got started — “One of my dogs, Jack, has persistent skin issues related to obesity and hypersensitivity. We had modified his diet, but I wasn’t sure of the ingredients in the treats we would give him. So as an alternative, I started baking grain-free, healthy treats.”
    To rule out common allergies, this meant — maida was replaced with oat flour, milk was substituted with yoghurt and of course sugar is an absolute no-no. And the result is a unique line up of treats. From meaty coconut rolls, carrot and oat cookies to even peanut butter and banana ice cream! “Our ice creams, especially blueberry flavour, are doing really well this summer,” adds Uthra.
    “The ingredients are fresh, there are no preservatives and you can keep a tub of it in your fridge for up to a week,” she smiles. Did we mention these ladies have an exclusive recipe for doggie peanut butter?
    From Rs 150 to Rs 1,000. Orders need to be placed a day in advance. Contact 8939254425

    —Sonali Shenoy


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