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    Your excuse to treat pooches and kitties to banana ice-cream and meaty coconut rolls.

    TUNA cakes. Liver brownies. Sardine fudge. If youa��re wondering what the appropriate reaction is, it is not yum, ita��s aarrf! a�?Thata��s how we know all our treats are paw-approved,a�? laughs Uthra Ravikanth (29). Last month, Uthra along with fellow home baker Sanjuktha M (35) launched PAWtastic, a company that creates gourmet treats exclusively for cats and dogs, and they have been getting rave reviews ever since.
    With eight dogs and 17 cats between their two households a�� one doesna��t have to wonder where the inspiration came from. Sanjuktha tells us how they got started a�� a�?One of my dogs, Jack, has persistent skin issues related to obesity and hypersensitivity. We had modified his diet, but I wasna��t sure of the ingredients in the treats we would give him. So as an alternative, I started baking grain-free, healthy treats.a�?
    To rule out common allergies, this meant a�� maida was replaced with oat flour, milk was substituted with yoghurt and of course sugar is an absolute no-no. And the result is a unique line up of treats. From meaty coconut rolls, carrot and oat cookies to even peanut butter and banana ice cream! a�?Our ice creams, especially blueberry flavour, are doing really well this summer,a�? adds Uthra.
    a�?The ingredients are fresh, there are no preservatives and you can keep a tub of it in your fridge for up to a week,a�? she smiles. Did we mention these ladies have an exclusive recipe for doggie peanut butter?
    From Rs 150 to Rs 1,000. Orders need to be placed a day in advance. Contact 8939254425

    a��Sonali Shenoy


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