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    Geoffrey Thomas returns with a show designed for long drives

    Great music and long drives go hand-in-hand. And where better than the ECR to enjoy both. But instead of plugging in your iPod on your next jaunt down the coast, why don’t you tune into Chennai Live’s new show, East Coast Ride with the Big G. Hosted by Geoffrey Thomas—an experienced radio man and the founder of city-based music company, Amaranta Entertainment—it’s a show that he promises will put a smile on your face. “I’ve created my play list quite carefully. I will be playing both contemporary and classic commercial hits. So you can expect everything from a Robbie Williams to a Coldplay and Deep Purple,” he says, sharing that he will, however, stay away from bubblegum pop, rap and hip hop. “There is an overdose of those genres on radio, and I feel it doesn’t suit the mood. Much of the songs I play, you won’t hear too much on regular playlists. It is more clued into what people might like to listen to at night,” he adds.
    Though not a call-in show, it will have the occasional guest to keep things interesting. “My guests could be anyone from the owner of a popular eatery on ECR to an indie musician or a sports personality. But I will make sure they are people who can speak really well,” laughs the 52-year-old—who set up Radio Indigo in Bengaluru, besides being its programming director for 10 years—recalling how he had a tough time getting a popular Formula One racing driver to go beyond monosyllables on one of his earlier shows. “I will also give my listeners information on restaurants and shops to visit, and activities to do on that stretch of the coast,” concludes Thomas, sharing that he has plans to do a classic rock show soon, just on the weekends.

    Weekdays, between 9 pm and 11 pm. Details: chennailive.fm

    — Surya Praphulla Kumar


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