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    After a crazy ride, the ninth season of Doctor Who comes to a close

    Season 9 of Doctor Who will air its finale episode this Sunday. Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer of the show, talks about the seasona��s curtain call.

    As the writer, how challenging was the job?
    We always like a new challenge on the show A�a�� adventures set on dangerous alien planets, urban thrillers, underwater ghost stories, journeys that take us from Vikings to the end of time itself. Wea��ve pushed the boundaries once again this time, with the most experimental episodes Doctor Who has ever made.

    How is season nine different from the earlier ones?
    I think it was a big, mad and exciting series. There was a lot more comedy mixed in with some of the darkest stuff wea��ve done a�� Doctora��s (played by Peter Capaldi) first big entrance in this series clearly set the tone.

    Why did you decide on re-introducing two partners in this season?
    We were doing bigger stories and two partners allow you all those massive cliff hangers. Forty five minutes has served us incredibly well, but it was time to change it a bit, change the rhythm. Ita��s not just about being longer; sometimes ita��s about going deeper. And we aim to be unpredictable.

    On the final episode.
    Episode 11 pushed the Doctor to the brink of madness, and episode 12, the finale, is about what happens next. If the Doctor has lost his moral compass, if hea��s being selfish, if you really, really hacked him off, got him angry and gave him nothing to fight for… what will you end up with? Thata��s the a�?hell benta�� of the title.

    December 20. 11 pm on FX and FX HD

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