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    Ahead of Rider Mania, Freddy Koikaran, the first-time emcee of the event, tells us about what he is looking forward to

    For over 10 years, proud owners of the Royal Enfield motorcycle have been gathering annually to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood and riding. What started with a little over 70 riders, has grown to a gathering of 1,000 plus bikers at Goa every year, with groups riding in from cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. This year, the three-day event that begins on November 20, is expected to pull in a crowd of 6,000 strong at Vagator, Goa. The highlights at the event this year are a dirt track race training for new enthusiasts, breakfast rides and the traditional celebration ride where bikers explore trails of Goa. But our attention is on city-based actor, director and HR consultant, Freddy Koikaran donning the role of emcee at the event this year.

    a�?When I was asked to do this I was quite surprised, because I have never been to Rider Mania before,a�? says Koikaran, adding, a�?But Royal Enfield fisaid they wanted someone who could make the announcements entertaining and I felt, why not give it a shot.a�? Though Koikaran, who has been riding a 350cc Bullet for 13 years now, is new to the event, he is not new to riding. a�?I mostly club work and riding together and if I have some work in Bengaluru, I ride there,a�? he says, adding that most of the rides he has been on are in South India. a�?I usually ride alone or with a very small group so Ia��m looking forward to riding to Goa. But if the logistics dona��t work out, we will at least make a road trip out of it,a�? he laughs.
    Needless to say, KoikaranA� is excited about his first time at Rider Mania and cana��t wait to witness the rides, but he is also waiting to explore the food and accessories stalls, the custom bikes and of course the beer drinking competitions. And if all this has not got you booking your tickets yet, perhaps news that Indian Ocean, Karsh Kale, Raghu Dixit Project, Dualist Inquiry, F16 and DJ Nucleya are gearing up to perform at the event will.

    Register at Rs 1,200 on royalenfield.com/ridermania/register/

    Ryan Peppin


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