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    What to expect as FashionTVa��s popular nightclub gears up to introduce the concept of a�?table sellinga�� to Chennai

    Ita��s been more than a couple of months since news of a certain upmarket nightclub brand launching in the city started doing the rounds. And with their launch party under a week away, Malcolm A, MD of Cloud 9 Entertainment, reveals that hea��s the one bringing FashionTVa��s popular lounge bar to the city. a�?FashionTV has moved to several verticals a�� cafes, hotels, residences a�� and we will be representing the brand in Chennai,a�? says Malcolm adding that the brand is looking at introducing cafes in India next, as he pulls out blueprints of F Club & Lounge, that is expected to open to the public with an international DJ brought down for the event.A� The blueprints
    Spread across two floors, F Club & Lounge has taken over the space that was formerly Flames at Le Royal Meridien. Completely redesigned and currently spanning 6,500 sq ft in all, Malcolm tells us that the hotel was chosen to meet FashionTVa��s requirement of having a separate entrance for the club. Located on the ground floor, the lounge is capable of seating 60 and has two bar counters a�� one at the indoor zone and another at the outdoor smoking zone. The club, located in the basement, is where all the action will unfold, with a bar counter thata��s nearly 40-feet long, an elevated DJ console that will allow everyone a view of the artiste du jour and 2,000 diamond-like LEDs dotting the roof.
    Feeling exclusive?
    While Malcolm doesna��t reveal whether the club will serve the Ciroc Celebration Cocktails that have a following in Bengaluru, or the prawn puchkas and peanut butter chicken wings that their patrons in Mumbai have come to love, he does promise that Chennai will have its own signatures. a�?We will be offering only finger food, but it is all specific to the city,a�? he says, adding that their USP will be their VIP and Diamond zones. The VIP zone is where they will promote the concept of a�?selling tablesa��. Meant for groups of five to six, these tables will come with alcohol and food, but be prepared to shell out anywhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000 to book one for the night.
    Details: 28282000, ftv-chennai.com

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