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    As Michael Fassbender suits up as Magneto once again, he also picks up Polish to fit the shoes.

    THE Irish star, who is busy shooting in Sydney for Ridley Scotta��s directorial Alien-Covenant, is reprising his character Magneto in the ninth instalment of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse. The movie is set in 1983, where the god-like mutant Apocalypse awakens after centuries and wants to take over the world. He recruits Eric Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender ) who is peacefully living in Poland with his family, to fight with him. The actor, who has been in the news lately for the spark he appears to share with his The Light Between Oceans co-star Alicia Vikander, will be seen in Assassina��s Creed later this yeara��the movie based on the cult game of the same name. Fassbender talks about the movie, the graph of his character and the challenges he faced while learning Polish.

    How much Polish do we see you talking in the film?
    If a person is a native Polish speaker, theya��d be appalled. At the beginning, they had pages of it and I said, a�?Therea��s no way I can get this in a week….a�? So we pared it down and I worked away at it as best I could.

    What powers does the new character, Apocalypse, have?
    Through his own power, Apocalypse can magnify others; everyone experiences that if they come into contact with it, even Professor Xavier. Thata��s what he does to Erik for sure. He accesses a deeper strength and power than he woulda��ve had without it.

    How is James McAvoy as Charles?
    I love what James does with Charles. Hea��s fantastic. He really embraced the a��70s. Now hea��s got this lilac V-neck jumper, which I think he wears exceptionally well.

    How does this film match up to Days Of Future Past?
    It astounds me each time, how Simon manages to do that with his writing. Ia��ve said it to him many times on set, how incredible it is that he can balance all those character arcs and relationships. And then, of course, Bryan (Singer) brings his touch to it. Ita��s going to be bigger and darker.
    The movie releases today.

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