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    Crown Chennai as the countrya��s most fashionable city, with Myntraa��s IFL

    Piggybacking on the Indian Premier League is another league fight: the Indian Fashion League. Launched earlier this month by Myntra, the online fashion store, the IFL is an attempt to get the country playing a parallel gamea��replacing the bat with a mouse, with the goal of getting your city crowned the most fashionable. a�?Once users log in and choose their city, we encourage them to upload fashionable pictures of themselves (up to three). This gets added to a larger pool from which pictures are selected at random for user votes,a�? says Vikas Ahuja, the chief marketing officer at Myntra, adding that theya��ve received over 1,50,000 picture uploads already.

    In the league
    Competing in the IFL is quite simple. Eight teams have been createda��the Chennai Charmers, Delhi Showstoppers, Punjab Fashionistas, Mumbai Megastars, Rajasthan Rockstars, Kolkata Fashion Superstars, Bangalore Streetcatz, Hyderabad Headturnersa��mirroring the teams that are playing in the IPL. a�?The cities are pitted against each other and you vote on individual pictures to move the game forward. The more points won (or runs) the more the rewardsa��from vouchers to iPhones and holiday deals to a car,a�? says Ahuja, who is thrilled that the game has seen over 7,50,000 plays.

    Chennaia��s fight
    Though the IFL is drawing to a close (it ends on June 1, at midnight), Ahuja says therea��s still time to play and influence the final between Mumbai and Chennai. a�?With the IFLa��s success, we are planning on making it an annual event. We also have plans of launching more consumer engagement initiatives soon,a�? he signs off. Now we ask you, have you voted for your city yet? Details: ifl.myntra.com

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