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    Crown Chennai as the country’s most fashionable city, with Myntra’s IFL

    Piggybacking on the Indian Premier League is another league fight: the Indian Fashion League. Launched earlier this month by Myntra, the online fashion store, the IFL is an attempt to get the country playing a parallel game—replacing the bat with a mouse, with the goal of getting your city crowned the most fashionable. “Once users log in and choose their city, we encourage them to upload fashionable pictures of themselves (up to three). This gets added to a larger pool from which pictures are selected at random for user votes,” says Vikas Ahuja, the chief marketing officer at Myntra, adding that they’ve received over 1,50,000 picture uploads already.

    In the league
    Competing in the IFL is quite simple. Eight teams have been created—the Chennai Charmers, Delhi Showstoppers, Punjab Fashionistas, Mumbai Megastars, Rajasthan Rockstars, Kolkata Fashion Superstars, Bangalore Streetcatz, Hyderabad Headturners—mirroring the teams that are playing in the IPL. “The cities are pitted against each other and you vote on individual pictures to move the game forward. The more points won (or runs) the more the rewards—from vouchers to iPhones and holiday deals to a car,” says Ahuja, who is thrilled that the game has seen over 7,50,000 plays.

    Chennai’s fight
    Though the IFL is drawing to a close (it ends on June 1, at midnight), Ahuja says there’s still time to play and influence the final between Mumbai and Chennai. “With the IFL’s success, we are planning on making it an annual event. We also have plans of launching more consumer engagement initiatives soon,” he signs off. Now we ask you, have you voted for your city yet? Details: ifl.myntra.com

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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