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    The Grammy-nominated bassist on why Indian music should not follow trends

    Multi-Grammy nominated American bassist and music composer, Ric Fierabracci, is in town (till tomorrow) as part of a five-day workshop hea��s conducting in association with Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM). Set in motion by Avishek Dey, a student at SAM, the planning took a few months and could be the start of a long association. a�?Avishek and I are friends on Facebook,a�? begins Fierabracci. a�?He asked me to come down and so Ia��m here. I plan to play a lot of songs, discuss techniques and share musical information, and I hope the kids will teach themselves afterwards.a�?

    The 51-year-old thinks highly of Indian music. a�?I was in India in 1997, when I played with violinist L Subramaniam. The phrasing and rhythms in Indian music are just great.a�? When asked if there are any global music trends India needs to wake up to, he says, a�?India should just be. Trends fade away and Indian music is fantastic as it is.a�? However, he thinks the future is bright for music in general, especially with the internet offering access to different genres.

    After the workshop wraps up, Fierabracci is headed back to Los Angeles, where he has recording and concert commitments with the likes of rock drummer Gary Husband and jazz fusion guitarist Dean Brown, as well as his own band, Tizer. a�?I do hope to do more workshops in the country,a�? says Fierabracci. He signs off with a message to aspiring musicians, a�?Always play your best and make your art your religion.a�?At Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, till tomorrow. Details: sam.org.in

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