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    The food delivery service Fitgo delivers curated diet meals across the city

    Alarmed at the falling standards of their general health during corporate stints in companies like Ola and MyWash, Ankit Agarwal, Anupam Garg and Narendhiran S decided to get on a diet before it was too late. But as every health-conscious person will tell you, ita��s not as easy to stick to one. a�?Coupled with our office schedules, the daily effort that was required to buy diet ingredients, and cook them at home turned out to be tiring,a�? says Agarwal. This led them to do a research that revealed that four out of 10 Bengalureans are obese and 70 per cent are overweight, while 26 per cent are diabetic and three to four are at risk of heart disease.
    Moreover, while many prefer to eat out, there is a majority that follows a sedentary lifestyle, he informs. a�?A few talks with doctors and dieticians later, we found out that while the experts do recommend diets, the clients are left with the daunting task of executing and following them,a�? he says.
    2It was at this point that they decided to help. Fitgo was launched last September, where they design diet meals based on a customera��s requirements, and deliver them at their doorstep.
    Centred around needs such as weight and stress management, immunity enhancement, muscle building and workout nutrition, their plans number around 10 so far, which they have formulated with help from a a�?network of science specialists, dieticians,
    health coaches, fitness experts and personal trainers across the citya�?. For instance, Anupama Menon (founder of Right Living), Sushma Jaiswal who has an experience of over 30 years working with organisations like WHO, Shikha Mishra who has worked as a dietician in Apollo Clinic for seven years, and many others.
    a�?We also have consultation-based plans for more critical issues, like pregnancy nutrition, schizophrenia, post-cancer immunity nutrition, etc.,a�? Agarwal adds.
    3Each of these plans shown on their website comes with a set of description and instructions such as possible allergic ingredients, minimum daily intake of water required as per plan, etc. Age group and pregnancy eligibility are other factors addressed in the instructions section. The weekly plans are accompanied with day-to-day break-down of what to take, and what to avoid, which you can consult while having your delivered meals.
    a�?We use disposable cardboard boxes for packaging, while the food is served in recyclable food grade plastic containers that can be microwaved,a�? Agarwal informs, adding that they also serve mid-meals along with the three main courses for subscription-based plans, while on-demand meals like combos will be delivered within 40 minutes.
    4Currently delivering to places like Koramangala, HSR and BTM Layout, Bellandur, and more, they are looking to cover the entire city within the year, besides roping in more experts and introducing new plans (such as low cholesterol and diabetic). Subscription plans start at Rs.299 per day, and on-demand meals from Rs.99 per meal onwards.

    Details: fitgo.in
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