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    Actor Ryan Reynolds talks about the eighth instalment in the X Men series, Deadpool, and his portrayal of the same

    While speculation is rife about Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds baring it all in his latest, Deadpool a�� wearing red tights and armed with heavy sarcasm a�� Marvela��s anti-hero is also in the news for his dubious sexual preferences in the film. Recently, the 39-year-old Self/less star put up a humorous picture of him and his wife Blake Lively sitting on the Deadpool throne, on social media. Here he talks about the film, the character and its director.

    How did your interest in the character begin?
    The comics were sent to me in bulk in 2004. I loved this character. I became a little obsessed with the idea that hea��s meta, breaks the fourth wall, and that hea��s self-loathing and self-deprecating, too.

    Isna��t it true that in the comics, the character suggested that you play him in a movie version?
    Yeah, and there was another comic where it said Deadpool looks like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a Shar Pei. A pleasing symmetry between the comic and the movie, predates my involvement with it.

    The movie has a lot of self-deprecation. Was it therapy for you?
    It was, and the studio has been surprisingly alright with all our X-Men and Wolverine references. You can make fun of someone as long as the subtext is youa��re to make fun of yourself, too.

    Was the movie always going to be the origin story, and was Ajax always going to be the villain?
    There were characters we wanted and couldna��t get. It all comes down to licensing, and Marvel owns certain ancillary characters. We did have Garrison Kane at one point, but Ajax was just sort of perfect.

    At what point in the process did Tim Miller come on board?
    Tim came on shortly after the first draft of the script. People would say, a�?Hea��s never directed a movie before.a�? His strength is in recognising that fact. He kept saying, a�?I can do this.a�? Tim asks for help if he needs it.

    Youa��ve said this will be the last comic book character you play.
    I feel Ia��ve wanted to do Deadpool forever. It speaks directly to the comic book audience, and Ia��m for that. If it were a traditional superhero movie it wouldna��t be for me.

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