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DJ Quintino will show you the hip side of EDM this weekend

Q UENTIN van den Berg aka Quintino was discovered by DJ Laidback Luke at the age of 18, getting himA� instant access to the EDM circuit. Since then, he has collaborated with heavyweights like Tiesto and Afrojack, and played at packed global venues like the Mansion and LIV in Miami, Pacha in New York, XS in Las Vegas and has also toured Europe and Asia multiple times. We catch up with the turntable heartthrob who will be playing at City Bar this Saturday.

Netherlands and EDM
Ita��s difficult to say why so many Dutch DJs are popular around the world. Possibly since partygoers in the Netherlands are hard to please as the dance scene is very good. So we have to work hard and always try and give our best.

Changing scenes
DJs used to be seen as supporters of popstars or rock bands. Now, DJs are headlining acts and ita��s all about his or her music. Ita��s great to see people coming to the venue just for us.

culturelead5Meeting Laidback Luke
We met at a party. My set was after Lukea��s and he stayed right through. Just seeing him there made me nervous! Afterwards, he told me that he really liked my music and had a great time. We stayed in touch and things started rolling.

On choosing house music
I always follow my instincts. I make music that I like, which has resulted in a certain style a�� that fans refer to as the a�?Quintino sounda��. Each music genre has its own charm, for me ita��s electro/progressive house. I dona��t like to be labeled because my set has a mix of everything.

Best live experience
My gig at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas. The venue was totally empty just five minutes before I started, but as I stepped on stage it was packed. The atmosphere and energy was amazing.

The set-list
I never have a pre-made set for any of my shows. Every show is different. That is what makes myA� sound different, I think.

On YouTube
YouTube has made music easily available and more accessible to everyone around the world. This means that the reach has become larger and the audience has grown.

Music in 2014
There are so many talented people around the world and everybody can hear them now a�� all thanks to the great Internet.

Rs. 750 upwards. 7 pm onwards.A� At UB City, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 22711488

DJ speak
? I am heavily influenced by DJ Tiesto.
? I am energetic, fun and unexpected.
? I like all kinds of music, from reggae to R&B and dance to classical.
? My favourite drink is Grey Goose (vodka). No hangovers, only good times!
? I love watching Two and a Half Men and Entourage.
? I am listening to Drake at the moment, good music to listen to on the road.
? I like to travel and eat a lot of sushi. I love sushi!

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