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    What is it about big boys and bigger bikes? I asked the question of Bangalorea��s latest HOG recruits a�� the exclusive Harley Owners Group a�� The Oberoia��s executive chef Amit Wadhawan and Food Lovers magazinea��s editor and publisher Kripal Amanna: both coincidentally connected to the food biz.
    Though both are newcomers to the group, their interest in big bikes goes back to their youth. Amanna, a two-wheeler veteran from his teens, found himself contemplating his first Harley buy when the brand came to India. a�?Harley Davidson has always been an iconic dream brand for me,a�? he says. a�?While my heart was into it, I needed to check whether I had biking legs too, since I hadna��t biked in two decades.a�? So he borrowed a frienda��s Royal Enfield over six months, and a�?rode my heart outa�? before deciding that yes, he could.
    Wadhawan, who loved bikes even as a child, had his imagination tickled in Singapore when he witnessed a group of chefs ride down Orchard Road in their Harleys, for a cause. Subsequent stints in Ireland and Goa kept his yen going, until a HOG event at The Oberoi Bengaluru last year proved decision maker. a�?A Harley was parked at the hotel for six months as a promotion. Everyday Ia��d go look at it. But I knew time would be the big issue.a�? One day a couple of weeks ago, a�?something clickeda�� and he decided to a�?give it a shot,a�? becoming the proud owner of a Harley SuperLow 883 a�� a�?a dream come true!a�? And time management? a�?You have to make time,a�? he says, a�?Sacrifice sleep. Divide your hours well.a�?
    Amannaa��s bike is a silver-accented Sportster Harley Davidson Iron 883, a�?easy to ride in the city or on the open highways. I think ita��s got the sort of look that I could ride even in a suit a�� for those who know me,a�? he quips. And accessorising his new baby? a�?Therea��s no limit to how much you can jazz up a Harley, but I keep it simple and classic, for now at least.a�? He does have a riding bell a�?to ward off evil gnomes and trolls on the road!a�?
    Of course, the accoutrement is an important part, and biking leathers, gloves, helmets are chosen meticulously. After all, this plunge isna��t taken lightly. Wadhawan is enjoying selecting his stuff to support the demands of the sport a�� and dreaming of rides to Leh.
    Everythinga��s worth it for those special moments. Next on the cards is a�� but naturally a�� a gourmet bike ride for the foodie biker gang a�� a curated add-on to the usual shorter rides and early Sunday morning sessions a�� something the a�?brotherhooda�� looks forward to. Says Amanna, a�?Youa��re riding hard, long and fast. Out on the open road all your worries and troubles are left behind.a�?
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