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    Bengaluru’s top sports coaches will keep your kids active all summer long, with everything from football to skateboarding. By Barkha Kumari & Nandini Kumar

    Irfan Sait for cricket, Nisha Millet for swimming, Mathew Holland for football, and Bindu M for horseriding — these are only a few of the coaches in town your kids would love to train under this summer


    Matthew Holland

    What: Football
    The Head of Youth Development at Bengaluru Football Club, the 27

    year old from Wales has formerly played at Swansea City FC, and later for its youth team. His coaching stint spans continents. He has coached in the UK, Malaysia, the USA, Australia, and Thailand for both club and natio nal federations with roles ranging from academy director to coach education, performance coach and assistant coach.

    Camp details: It’s about getting the foundation skills right at this camp. From passing the ball, dribbling it, to seeing it through to Cover story for Indulge. JITHENDRA M.the goal post, Holland will take the kids through the basics. He will also drive home the importance of team play. A few, talented kids will get a chance to train at BFC’s professional youth football academy for free.
    Duration: April 4 onwards.
    Cost: Rs 6,500 upwards.
    Age-group: The summer camp is divided into
    four categories — Under-10, Under-12, Under-14, and Under-16.
    Where: Playmania, Bellandur; Clarence High School playground, Cox Town;?XLR8, Hennur).
    Details: 7338552926

    Cover story for Indulge. JITHENDRA M.

    Somanna Mekerira Raghupathi

    What: Skateboarding
    Holystoked, a Bengaluru-based skateboarding
    collective run by Raghupathi, Abhishek, and Poornabodh Nadavatti, has many firsts to its credit. It built India’s first free-of-charge skatepark in Bengaluru
    at HSR Layout in 2011, though it’s currently defunct. It was an international project, as skateboarders  from  Germany,  UK,  and Australia flew down to build the park. The trio has
    also set up skateparks in Hampi, Panna (Madhya Pradesh), Goa, with a Bolivian assignment underway. They also initiated The Vans Holy DeTour for national, and international skateboarders two years ago.
    Camp details: First-timers will get to learn how to push, turn, stop the skateboard, as well as cruise on them. Lessons on boardwalk, boardflips, overcoming obstacles
    (called ramps), 180, and 360 degree turns will also be offered. Intermediate students get to do ollies on the kicker ramps
    (a technique to pop the board into the air), and a variety of flips and pops. At the end of the camp, a few kids will get to compete in a skateboarding championship.
    Duration: First batch from April 4; second batch from May 2.
    Cost: Rs 5,500 onwards.
    Age group: Four years and above.
    Where: The Cave Skatepark, RK Hegde Nagar,
    Play Arena, Kasavanahalli; Skate spot at
    SV Road Metro Station.
    Details: 9886330646

    Bindu M Cover story for Indulge. JITHENDRA M.
    What: Horseriding
    She teaches horse riding at the Embassy International
    Riding School where her father, Muniyappa, once used  to
    work.  The  school  has been founded by Silva Storai, the only
    woman jockey to have won two derbies. Twenty three-year-old Bindu
    has trained under some of the top riders of India — Ajai Appachu,
    and Nadia Haridass, who qualified for the Asian Games in 2014.
    She has conducted kids camps along with the qualified
    instructors of the British Horse Society.
    Camp details: Embassy is a Structure Pony Club, the only
    one in India that is run as per the British Horse Society standards. Every day, students will be trained in on-the-ground horsemanship, as well as offered lessons in stable management (equine nutrition,
    and  first  aid).  The  kids  will  be  paired  with horses based on their
    abilities. They will also learn basic positions, and safety skills. The
    trainer will help the advanced riders improve their equitation skills on flat ground or over obstacles.
    Duration: April 19-22; May 10-13.
    Cost: Rs 5,500 per day; `18,000 for four days.
    Age group: 8-15 years.
    Where: Embassy International Riding School, Tarunhunse Village. Details: 7353779533

    Vijay Lancy

    What: Badminton
    With 15 years of professional
    experience, Lancy is currently the CEO of Prakash Padukone Sports  Management.  He designs the coaching module and loo01ks over the summer sessions, as well as offers hands-on training. An under-18, and under-22 national champion, he’s also a National Games gold medalist (1997).
    Camp details: Held over a minimum of three weeks to up to 10 weeks, the camp teaches all aspects of badminton — from grip to movement, to strokes. Lancy has a team of state-level shuttlers and Sports Authority of India-certified coaches in place. There
    will be one coach for every five to six kids. Matches will be held at different venues at the end of the camp.
    Duration: Till June 3.
    Cost: Rs 3,000 for a minimum of three weeks. Where: Multiple venues, including Karnataka Badminton Association, Vasanth Nagar; Canara Union, Malleswaram; Play Arena, Sarjapur; Kalavedi, Bellandur; XLR8, Hennur; Justplay, Electronic City.
    Details: 9008501007

    Nisha Millet
    What: Swimming
    The Olympian’s coaching classes have remained most popular in the city for over a decade now. Millet’s unconventional methods of teaching swimming has not only benefitted the kids, some of whom have taken it up as a career sport, but has also helped many to learn the sport in their 50s and 60s. One the oldest swimmers Millet has taught is an 86-year-old woman. Camp details: With the lowest student-to- coach ratio in the city, this swimming camp is all about depending on friendly, and trained swimming instructors with access to some of the best maintained pools in the city. The camp also focuses on “having fun in water”.
    Duration: 15 sessions, April 25 onwards (for kids).
    Cost: Rs 5,000 upwards.
    Age group: 4 years and above.Cover story for Indulge. JITHENDRA M.
    Where: Multiple locations
    Details: 9845398443

    Irfan Sait
    What: Cricket
    For over 20 years, Irfan Sait’s academy Karnataka State Institute of
    Cricket has produced some of the country’s most formidable cricketers.
    Camp details: With support staff of 65 coaches during the camp, every
    child gets personal attention. Video analysis and audiovisual cricket lessons
    with proper syllabus covering batting, bowling and fielding is charted out for the camp.
    Coaches such as Bryce McGain, Andrew Walton and Greg Shipperd from Australia,
    Martyn Court, Lawrie Johnstone and John Brierley from England, and Harry Shapiro
    from South Africa will be invited by the institute to interact with the kids.
    Duration: April 1 – May 15.
    Cost: Rs 6,000. Age group: 6 years and above.
    Where: RBANMS Grounds, Chandapura, Mysore J K Ground.
    Details: 7338552926.

    Pramila Aiyappa
    What: Athletics
    She runs Fusion Athletica club at Kanteerava Stadium,
    along with her husband Aiyappa BP, an international
    athlete himself. The resume of the heptathlete from Kodagu IMG58871
    runs long. She is a double Olympian, making her debut at the 2000  Summer  Olympics in Sydney, and following  it up  at the  Beijing  Olympics in 2008. She has also represented  Indian at the World
    Championships at Edmonton in 2001. In 2010, she participated in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, and bagged a
    bronze medal in Asian Games the same year
    Camp details: Pramila and her team will run two
    batches of 15 students each simultaneously. With a smaller group, she can offer personalised training, spot talent, and communicate the same to their respective parents. The activities include long jump, short jump, running, stair training, overcoming hurdles and exercises. Ladder climbing, and cone drills are the add-ons this year. The session will begin with recreational games, such as dodge ball, lagori, and different kinds of relay races
    Duration: Till April 30
    Cost: Rs 3,000
    Age group: 7-14 years
    Where: Sree Kanteerava Stadium
    Details: 9845619497


    Venkatesh BS and Manuel FredicksCover story for Indulge. JITHENDRA M.
    What: Hockey
    Venkatesh is a government-appointed coach and
    also the stadium in-charge at the Karnataka State Hockey Association. His main focus is to promote the national sport and ensure kids don’t end up spending their holidays
    in front of a television or a Play Station.
    Camp details: Kids will get to play on the only turf
    ground in the city. The camp will be supervised by 1972 Olympic gold medallist Manuel Fredicks, while some of the top international players such as VR Raghunath, SV Sunil will pay a visit to the camp and interact with the kids.
    Duration: 20 days, beginning April 10.
    Cost: Rs 100.
    Age group: 7 to 18 years (for both boys and girls).
    Where: Karnataka State Hockey Association
    Details: 9449309007 (Application forms can be collected from Karnataka Olympic Association office at
    Kanteerava Stadium.)


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