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    Designer duo Lecoanet Hemant mark the 35th anniversary of their brand with an accessible line for Amazon

    PENCIL skirts and peplum tops in unusual textile combinations – for years now, Delhi-based brand Lecoanet-Hemant have pushed the envelope with technique, be it handmade lace, leather or 3D applique, and silhouettes. Last month, 35 years into the business, the Indo-French label 1attempted something else — a fusing of the haute couture spirit with e-commerce smarts. Having tied up with Amazon, they launched the fall-winter line from the brand Genes with a live streamed show at their factory in Gurgaon. Popular with international stars and French aristocrats, the designer duo admits that shopping patterns have changed dramatically in the last year. “It was the sensible thing to do. We were thinking of a bigger selection and all roads led to Amazon. We liked their unique market positioning and the idea of a shoppable runway,” says Hemant Sagar. The duo is the latest in a long line of designers who have woken up to the realities of a fast disappearing haute couture audience and the practical advantages of e-commerce. Their target audience is the under-30 millennial and the style is ‘daily dressing’. ‘‘At a wedding you know what is required of you; it is only with everyday wear that people are insecure,” continues Sagar, commenting on our strong cultural heritage. Genes offers affordable yet aspirational clothes for the global tribe in cotton and “intelligent synthetic material’’. But what really makes the cut is the pricing. “Almost 60 per cent is under Rs 10,000,” says Sagar. The colours are conservative, from winter dark to neutrals and a pop of orange. ‘‘At 58, the phenomenon of being part of the Facebook generation is most exciting,” concludes Sagar.
    Priced from Rs 2,500 to Rs 25,000. Details:

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