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    The Bengaluru-based comedian promises to drive your blues away this weekend

    When Kanan Gill performed in the city in March, the audience chorused for an encore. a�?They also asked me when I would be coming back,a�? smiles the stand-up comedian, hoping he can replicate his success this time, too. Headlining along with The Pundits at the Chennai Stand Up Kingsa�� show this weekend, he states that his act wona��t be Chennai specific. a�?There are plenty of people in the city who can address the issues better. Ia��ll be focussing on issues based outside the city,a�? he shares.
    Letting us in on how he became a comedian, Gilla��also a writer, musician and fitness enthusiasta��says he started off by playing music with his band, Such Nice Boys, where he would often write funny songs. a�?People started noticing them and telling me that I could do stand up, which is when I thought maybe I can,a�? he says, explaining, a�?The best part of being a comedian is making people laugh. A good laugh makes me happy and I am glad I can do that for someone else, too.a�?
    On a more serious note, especially with Oscar-winning actor-comedian Robin Willliamsa�� suicide last year turning the spotlight on issues like the tremendous pressure comedians face, Gill admits that comedy is hard work. a�?Being in the public eye is hard. Fans like you when you do what they like, and when you do something different, they can hang you out to dry. The pressure can get to some people over time,a�? he says.

    Tomorrow, at the Museum Theatre, from 7 pm. Rs 300-Rs 500. Details: bookmyshow.com, 9600223456
    Mayuri J Ravi


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