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    The Little Theatre celebrates 20 years of the pantomime with Voila! Cinderella!

    Step aside, fairy godmother. There are others now to take centre stage with Cinderellaa��like a dhobi and his donkey, Prince Charming and his friend Prince Farming and, leta��s not forget, Mojo Jo Jo and the Professor. The 20th edition of The Little Theatrea��s pantomime is pulling out all the stops with its latest production, Voila! Cinderella! a�?Ia��d seen a production of Cinderella on Broadway in 2012 and it was so magical that I thought, a�?why not do ita��,a�? says Aysha Rau, founder-producer.
    Being a pantomime, this one wona��t be by the book. First-time director Ashley Shillong promises a familiar storyline but with enough twists to keep you surprised and amused in equal measure. a�?We all know the story about the glass slipper, but Ia��ve tweaked it,a�? explains the director, who joined the company nine years ago as a dancer. a�?I can assure you my Cinderella is really funny. And with two princes and the baddies, there will be a lot of humour,a�? he adds.
    The production, which features 20 adults and 70 children, was a fun challenge. a�?We had a couple of workshops to help the young ones overcome their shyness. But the older kids are prosa��in fact, they had so many questions they made me rethink everything,a�? he laughs. Expect popular songs like Let it go (from Frozen) and Love is an open doora��but with new lyricsa��and costumes designed by Rehane and Roverco. a�?Rehearsals are on and everyone is working hard. Once we draw the curtains, I plan to take them all on a picnic to celebrate,a�? concludes Shillong.
    At Museum Theatre, December 5 (till 10th), 6.30 pm. Rs.100 to Rs.300. Details: indianstage.in
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