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    The Little Theatre celebrates 20 years of the pantomime with Voila! Cinderella!

    Step aside, fairy godmother. There are others now to take centre stage with Cinderella—like a dhobi and his donkey, Prince Charming and his friend Prince Farming and, let’s not forget, Mojo Jo Jo and the Professor. The 20th edition of The Little Theatre’s pantomime is pulling out all the stops with its latest production, Voila! Cinderella! “I’d seen a production of Cinderella on Broadway in 2012 and it was so magical that I thought, ‘why not do it’,” says Aysha Rau, founder-producer.
    Being a pantomime, this one won’t be by the book. First-time director Ashley Shillong promises a familiar storyline but with enough twists to keep you surprised and amused in equal measure. “We all know the story about the glass slipper, but I’ve tweaked it,” explains the director, who joined the company nine years ago as a dancer. “I can assure you my Cinderella is really funny. And with two princes and the baddies, there will be a lot of humour,” he adds.
    The production, which features 20 adults and 70 children, was a fun challenge. “We had a couple of workshops to help the young ones overcome their shyness. But the older kids are pros—in fact, they had so many questions they made me rethink everything,” he laughs. Expect popular songs like Let it go (from Frozen) and Love is an open door—but with new lyrics—and costumes designed by Rehane and Roverco. “Rehearsals are on and everyone is working hard. Once we draw the curtains, I plan to take them all on a picnic to celebrate,” concludes Shillong.
    At Museum Theatre, December 5 (till 10th), 6.30 pm. Rs.100 to Rs.300. Details: indianstage.in
    —Surya P Kumar


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