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    City-basedA� designer, Nandhitha Ramesh, brings mythical inspiration into her debutA� label, Merasal.

    EVEN as a child, Nandhitha Ramesh was drawn to fashion. Growing up observing her mothera��s sense of style, she began designing clothes as a hobby by the time she was 15. The 32-year-old has come a long way since then, and today is all set for her debut at the India Runway Weeka��a three-day event organised by the Indian Federation of Fashion Development, in New DelhiA� a��with her label, Merasal. She is the only designer picked from the city. a�?In college, I used to travel to Delhi to pick up fabric, develop designs and stitch dresses. And my friends loved them,a�? recalls Ramesh, who completed her MBA and worked in a couple of corporate houses, before pursuing her first love, designing.

    She even started her own boutique, Turquoise Design Studio (in 2011), in Besant Nagar. a�?I want my customers to turn heads. Ia��veA� always wanted to start a ready-to-wear line, so the name a�?Merasala�� (the colloquial Tamil word for a�?being stunneda��),a�? says the designer who completed a summer course at the London College of Fashion last year, adding, a�?My collection is inspired by mythology, Goddess Andal in particular. I have done everything from scratcha��from fabric printing, to developing my designs to weaving the saris.a�? With motifs of temple architecture, parrots and elephants, theA� designs are a fusion of traditional and contemporary. Expect kurtas, kurtis and saris in bright colours, on satin linen and cotton-based fabrics.

    Her show at India Runway Week is on April 15. Products from Rs 10,000 onwards.
    Details: 9003888113

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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