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Touch up your hands and feet with A�YLGa��s golden offer

Salon chain YLG now offers the Gold Manicure and Pedicure using a powder infused with gold particles and age-defying ingredients, custom made by Au Naturale. They give you all the benefits of a complete mani-pedi and more to render your hands and feet a glowing finish.

Natural shimmer
They start off with the usual cutting, filing, scraping and cuticle care process that leaves you with soft, supple palms and soles. They then proceed to add the gold powder to the water, allowing it to soak into your skin. A few minutes later, you are introduced to the gold-infused scrub that acts on both your dead skin and tan, and treated to a thorough massage using a mix of moisturiser and the same gold dust.

Fairy dust
This overall treatment is followed by a sandalwood mask, again carrying hints of the gold mixture. Lightly fragrant and easy on sensitive skin, the mask softens up your epidermis while tightening the pores and leaving a balanced texture in its wake. The end result after the mask is wiped away with a damp cloth is hands and feet with a translucent shine a�� literally like they have been dipped in tubs of gold. Especially nice if you are stepping out for a glittery night on the town.
Rs1,348. At Cunningham Road. Details:42009229

a��Susanna Chandy