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    If you relate to dysfunctional families with a crazy sense of humour, youai??i??ll love this Ai??

    Ever thought of your childhood as inspiration for a TV show? Well, American producer Adam Goldberg (in pic), who growing up, documented over a hundred tapes, worth of family meltdowns, ironically, didnai??i??t. That is, not until he showed them to co-creator on the show Doug Robinson. Incidentally, Goldberg, who was the youngest in the family, has changed one of his brothers (real life) into a sister (for the show) for a little bit of diversity. Talk about the most epic prank to pull on your older brother.

    Hereai??i??s a snapshot glimpse behind-the-scenes of The Goldbergs, with its Season 2 airing this February.

    At what point did you realise that Patton Oswalt was the voice of your adult self? Bactroban cream for sale
    The minute I heard his stand-up and him talking about how in college, he had a ai???Star Trek,ai??i??Ai?? thereai??i??s a whole routine about how his physics professor gave him a Star Trek question, and then he went up and complained to the teacher that Captain Kirk wouldnai??i??t say that. Yeah, heai??i??s fantastic.

    Why did you decide to turn one of your brothers into a sister for the show?
    I wanted to torture my oldest brother. No. I thought adding a daughter into the mix would just open up the whole world and bring us different kinds of stories, and we always joked that my brothers,Ai??my oldest brother Eric turned to Erica, is like a girl anyway. So it was a perfect match.

    How many members of your family want to kill you for exposing their 25 years-ago selves?
    The only one was Barry, his issue was that ai???he does not run like a toolai??i??. He wanted everyone to know that.

    Season 2 ai??i?? 3 of The Goldbergs airs on Star World and Star World HD in India, Monday to Friday at 10 pm.
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