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    In this weather, a teppanyaki dinner is always welcome

    Therea��s always a bit of a fun element attached when you head for a Teppanyaki meal. The chef not only has to be a good cook, but somewhat of a performer as well. Zen at The Leela recently opened their first floor section (which was pretty much closed for nearly four years) and with that introduced Teppanyaki tables for those who really enjoy the Japanese-American culinary show. And the man behind the theatrics is Wadim Shin a�� a fourth generation Russian chef who has a few mean tricks up his sleeve, unless youa��re a veteran at the Teppanyaki table, and claim to have seen it all. And if youa��re nice to him hea��ll even strum his guitar for you at the end of the meal.
    The menu is simple; you choose between a five and a seven-course meal, and leave the rest to the chefs. The soups, salads, and a few appetisers come straight from the kitchen and Shin will take care of the rest. You can of course ask for a choice of meat from their selection a�� lamb chops, lobster, scallops, etc a�� and watch him get to work. Fortunately, theya��ve got a few options for vegetarians as well.
    The preparation of the fried rice a�� from start to finish a�� that comes with your main course is visually most appealing. From the way he breaks the egg to make an omelette, to tossing the rice with sauce and vegetables, setting things on fire every now and then for effect a�� one feels almost envious of his talents.
    `4,200 ++ (for a five-
    course vegetarian meal
    per person) upwards. At Old Airport Road. Details 25211234
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