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Michael Emerson tells us why he is a a�?Person of Interest a��

MICHAEL Emerson plays Harold Finch, a mysterious billionaire who teams up with former CIA agent Reese, played by Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. He takes us behind the scenes of the showa��s latest season when Finch loses everything, has to deal with Samaritan, a program he created to nab criminals, when it isna��t gunning only for baddies.

Dealing with the changes.
You adjust to whatever box youa��re put in. Now that their behaviour and their movements are so much more restricted, communication and meetings are so much more risky. They are more like spies now. Perfectly innocent things could bring you into Samaritana��s view. The life that they knew and the methods they employed have been blown out of the water now.

Finch has lost everything. How does he recover from this?
Finch is always looking to rebuild somehow, somewhere. He has a lot of back-ups and fail safes, but he needs to find a new nerve center. His money still exists, but he cana��t touch it without putting himself on the radar. He has to find more creative ways to survive.

The team vs numbers.
My character washes his hands of the whole mess. Every life is valuable, but Finch has a wider view and the game is bigger than the number that comes up. Root (Amy Acker) gets the numbers, or rather direct communication in her head. So Finch is wondering about his creation of the Machine. He did his best to make it a trustworthy thing that would not abuse or be abused a�� but Root is always going to bug him.

Samaritan as the biggest threat.
Previously, it was good and bad numbers, and crooked cops. But now, they have a new enemy in the form of an Artificial Intelligence intent on world domination. That AI will employ henchmen, so that opens up some new characters. Not everyone will survive this.

Being Harold Finch.
He is ambiguous, but he is hard to place. I think he is a good guy now. Ita��s a good role for me to play. He is a little inscrutable, so we can never have certainty about him a�� but I wouldna��t have it any other way. Wednesdays, at 11 pm on Star World Premiere HD

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