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    Get your fix of burgers, sandwiches and other dude food, courtesy BadaBing who deliver from 8 pm to 3 am

    Jason McLeod is not unlike a caped crusader. Well hea��s no Bruce Wayne, but this 30-year-old dons his apron by 8 pm every night and stays up to fight hunger all the way till 3 am. Our a�?Burgermana�� not only whips up drool worthy burgers and sandwiches at his home in Ramapuram, but also hops on to a a�?Burgerpoda�� and ensures your midnight meal reaches you no matter where in the city you are. a�?If you are located within five or six kms, wea��ll even deliver one burger. Otherwise, we request a minimum order, but will not say that youa��re too far,a�? says McLeod, who, after 10 years of working in a BPO in Bengaluru, decided to take up cooking, his passion.IMG-20150713-WA0000
    Inspired by Bengalurua��s Burgerman Jetro (who also operates in the night), McLeod decided to start this service when he came to Chennai a year ago. After a couple of weeks of YouTube tutorials, he opened his Facebook page BadaBing Burgers and began taking orders. That was five months ago. a�?I was doing it with my close friend and flatmate back then, but he moved on due to other commitments and I was joined by my current partner, KC Karthick. We invested in a couple of delivery guys and John Gilbert Singh, my assistant in the kitchen. And we are doing at least five orders a day now,a�? McLeod shares, adding that this goes up to 15 on weekends.
    Give McLeod a call and he will WhatsApp you a picture of his menu that includes a veg, chicken, beef and beef bacon burger with additional toppings like a fried egg, caramelised onions and cheese. Therea��s also club sandwiches and chicken popcorn for variety, but what catches our attention instantly is the Chef Special Burger Bomb. With two patties, two sausages, bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and four sauces a�� BBQ, cheese cream, mayo and mustard a�� this baby is worth making the trip to Ramapuram, should McLeod refuse to deliver.
    Needless to say, McLeod, who sleeps from 6 am to 5 pm, hopes to open his own restaurant some day, but before that his focus is to make BadaBing Burgers a go to brand with kitchens in different parts of the city. While they deliver your burgers sealed in containers, they tend to lose heat over long distances. But thata��s nothing a few seconds in the microwave cana��t fix. Only word of caution a�� the delivery containers are only plastic so do not even think of putting them straight into the microwave.
    Burgers from Rs 50 to Rs 350. Details: 8220569668

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