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    Where to get the right stuffing and sauce if you wish to cook the bird at home

    Nothing spells ChristmasA� better than a well laid dinner table. And part of that table must ne a whole roasted, stuffed turkey. So what if youa��re trying it for the first time? With premade stuffing and gravy from the Taj, youa��re sure to end up with a boast-worthy bird.

    Taj Coromandel
    Choose between corn meal bread and caramelised walnut stuffing, field mushroom and smoke cheese stuffing or a rich winter squash, almonds and date stuffing. When done, douse the bird with a gravy of spiked plums and rosemary or cranberry jus. The hotel requires notice of 24 hours. Till December 31. Rs 1,500 plus tax onwards. Details: 66002827

    Crimson Chakra
    Want to make your turkey meatier? Crimson Chakra offers minced lamb, minced chicken, herbs or mixed vegetables with herbs as stuffing and a crowd favourite, cranberry sauce, to go with it. Minimum order is one kilo of stuffing and one litre of gravy. Priced from Rs 1,500 onwards, and indian-bihari-boy-21453891available on 24 hour notice. Details: 43586116

    The hotel in Ekaduthangal lets you choose between sausage, apple bread and sourdough or chorizo-manchego stuffing for the bird. Your choice of gravy includes cranberry, mushroom, balsamic, creamy cranberry and soy lemon sauce. Priced Rs 650 plus tax onwards. Minimum order is one kilo of stuffing and one litre of sauce. Till December 31 with 24 hour notice. Details: 22255555

    Pick up the bird
    Trying to get your hands on the a�?not-so-populara�� turkey in Chennai? Herea��s help.

    At Rs 450 a kilo, dial4meat.com
    lets you has birds ranging from two to 17.5 kgs. They also have a one hour delivery service for most parts of the city.A� Details: 44114411, dialmeat.com

    Small family? Fish N Fresh sells turkey from 500 gms onwards at Rs 380 per kilo.Buy a minimum of five kilos and get it delivered to anywhere in Chennai. Details: 26700626, 43555341

    Buy a minimum of four kilos of frozen, factory cut turkey from RedBox butchery at Rs 750 per kilo. Only available on home delivery. Details: 43570000, 9791938431, redboxbutchery@gmail.com

    The Non-veg at Perambur offers turkey at Rs 350per kilo. Minimum order is three to five kilos, depening on the size of the bird. Delivery available only in certain areas. Details: 7299135247

    a�� Nishitha Subramaniyan


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