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Hyundaia��s zero-emission car, ix35 runs on hydrogen and emits nothing except water vapour

Car sharing and alternative fuels are the future of sustainable mobility. Hyundai has now gone a step ahead and combined the two with the introduction of its ix35 fuel cell vehicle (FCV) to a car sharing service. A fleet of 50 ix35s will be part of the car sharing service, BeeZero programme, run by the Linde Group in Munich, Germany. The ix35 FCV is the worlda��s first ever mass-produced fuel cell vehicle. Leaving behind only a trail of water vapour from its exhaust, the zero emission vehicle can manage nearly 600 kilometres on a single charge of its two high pressure tanks. The Korean car maker claims the car can deliver over 105 kilometres per kilogram of hydrogen. Hyundai is currently selling the FCV in 13 European countries and in South Korea and North America, where it is sold as the Tucson. It was also spotted at the Auto Expo in Delhi, but the fuel cell powered version may not make it to India.

Nature nurture
Markus Schrick, CEO of Hyundai Motor Germany says, a�?We firmly believe the emission-free driving and superior fuel efficiency between tank fillings of the ix35 will make it an ideal car for the BeeZero programme.a�? He further adds that the company wanted to bring the benefits of fuel cell technology to people and imply that putting these cars to daily use will give us valuable information to improve hydrogen technologies and infrastructure.
Auto enthusiasts in Munich with a soft side for the environment can learn more about booking rides on ix35 FCVs on the-linde-group.com

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