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    Despite the publicity that followed the Bling Ring gang, our stars continue their battle with trespassers

    Sleeping beauty
    If there is an intruder in Justin Beibera��s house, it has to be a girl. Last month, a 23-year-old trespasser was arrested, but she claimed to be the singera��s fan. Qianying Zhao was discovered asleep in one of the bedrooms in Justin Biebera��s house by the property ownera��s niece. Zhao told police she had a�?a�?entered the unoccupied home through an unlocked doora��a�� and came there a�?a�?to attend Biebera��s birthday party.a��a�� When she realised she was too late (Bieber, his family and close friends had decamped to the Bahamas to celebrate his 20th), she decided to stay there and wait for him.

    george-clooney-wallpaper-1Bottle obsession
    Actor George Clooney was quite upset after an intruder attack last week. A man was arrested for reportedly breaking into the wine cellar of the actora��s Italian mansion. The 29-year-old Romanian had scaled the fence at the Gravity stara��s Lake Como villa and stolen a bottle of expensive wine from the well-stocked cellar.A� The unidentified man then attempted to enter the main house, but he was spotted by a member of the actora��s staff, who called the police. When the officers arrived, the man allegedly threatened them with the bottle of wine, but was overpowered and arrested.

    Man power
    Taylor Swifta��s vacation home on the Rhode Island shore has constantly been a target. The Westerly Sun reports that 38-year-old Daniel Cole of Brewster, Massachusetts, was summoned before a state judge for ignoring previous warnings to not trespass at Swifta��s mansion. Let us not forget that in 2012, when Swift was celebrating her birthday, Jacob Kulke, a pocketknife-wielding 24-year-old, was arrested for criminal trespassing at Swifta��s Tennessee pad.

    Easy target
    Pop star Rihanna is no stranger to break-ins.A� Last February, a man was arrested for breaking into her Southern California home in therihanna-fenty-hot_87207-160 Pacific Palisades. Again, in October, someone tried to break into her $12 million mansion while the pop star was away in Australia for her Diamonds World Tour. According to media reports, the intruders drove up the private road leading to the singera��s house, even though there are CCTVs along the road with a sign that reads, a�?Smile, youa��re on cameraa��. They entered the garden and threw a chair through a sliding glass door. But they were then scared off by the security alarm.

    Safe zone
    Singer Selena Gomez has increased security around her Calabasas mansion in California, after an intruder was arrested for trespassing. He had trespassed at her house for the second time in the first week of April, while she was inside with her friends. To protect her $3 million mansion from future intruders, she has installed a huge perimeter security gate, which she purchased last month.

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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