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    People you need to rope in to make sure your private New Yeara��s Eve bash is one that will be remembered

    If you pride yourself on hosting great parties, you know that a New Yeara��s Eve bash is the one that really matters. So with all hopes riding on you as host for the big one, we suggest taking no chances and instead, calling professionals who can keep your guests engaged from the word go. Our list includes photographers, musicians, standup comedians and more. Take your pick.

    Make A move

    Get your groove on with Salsa Madras. A group of six dancers will come home to give you a Latin dance demo (think salsa and bachata), followed by aA� 45-minute class to help you master the moves. Just wear a party dress and comfortable heels (or dona��t!). They are available from 10-12 pm on December 31. From Rs 50,000. Details: 900307444



    Comic Timing

    If you want a Comedy Night with Kapil Sharma right in your living room, Hyderabad-based event manager Bharath Reddy can book him for you. a�?From a simple meet-and-greet to a complete performance, he will do it all,a�? says Reddy. And though he comes with a steep price tag, we dona��t need to tell you that he will make your party the hottest one in town. Rs 1.5 crore. Details: 9550054943


    pgC_11Spin Counter

    Straight from the beaches of Goaa��where he has been entertaining thousands of fans at VH1 Supersonic with his techno beats, DJ Tuhin is ready to come straight to your backyard this December 31. a�?Techno has made a big resurgance this year. I call it body music because it is high energy and great for dancing,a�? says the DJ, who promises to keep you on your feet all night long. All you need to do is provide basic sound, lights and DJ equipment (try sound rental vendor, Picture Production, 28585858). a�?Top DJs charge anywhere from Rs 30,000. But on NYS, rates can go up 10 times,a�? he says. Details: srikant.s@submerge.in


    Actor Prepares

    The actor, theatre artiste and entrepreneur promises to add that much-needed drama to your celebrations this year. a�?A high energy one-act play will work well for a New Yeara��s Eve basha��interesting enough to engage the guests, but not long drawn out,a�? says the 30-year-old, whose last outing on stage was with the Boardwalkers in Neil Simona��s classic comedy, Biloxi Blues. Offering classics like excerpts from playwright Eugene Oa��Neilla��s plays to Osmana��s personal favourite, Peter Shaffera��s Equest, you can expect some eclectic monologues, too. Available on December 31. From Rs 20,000. Details: 9884043042

    The others

    Pooch party: Dona��t confine your pets on leashes. Throw them a basha��with games and fooda��with the help of Petcialize. Rs 250 per pet. Details: 9840104825

    Party planner: Need a theme for your bash? Party Hunterz can help. From props to waiters dressed in costumes, they have you covered. Package from Rs 80,000. Details: 42079369

    Spa: From mani-pedis to luxurious facials, experts from Naturals can help you relax in the middle of the party. Rs 10,000 onwards (for five people). Details: 9092626262



    Reality Check

    How about putting a magical spin on things? Illusionist SAC Vasanth, popular on television shows like Indiaa��s Magic Star (Star One) and Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo (Sony), will take you through disappearing acts, illusions and a lot more with objects varying from smart phones to playing cards. This man recently drove audiences in Dubai crazy by turning a toy car into a real one. Approximately `75,000 onwards for a show of around 45 minutes. Details: 9626663668




    lifea��s A laugh

    Hea��s brought the roof down wherever hea��s performeda��and thata��s over 1,000 shows globally. And this month, hea��s open to partying with youa��adjusting the a�?spice quotienta�� of his jokes, from clean to naughty, depending on your choice. a�?Ita��s all about customisation. I will talk to the host and the guests to get more information and add a lot of flavour to my act,a�? he says, adding that he is also open to bring down his popular shows, like the recent one, Naked. Rs 6 lakh onwards for a 90-minute session. Details: papacj@papacj.com



    pgC_4Sing Aloud

    Ditch the antakshari session this New Yeara��s Eve. Organise a karoke party, instead. Deva��s Karaoke will provide all the essentialsa��from the sound system to software that includes the latest updates (like key adjusting, which automatically adjusts pitch while you sing). a�?We will provide songs in English, Tamil, Hindi and more. We will also send an MC and a technician to pump up the party,a�? says owner DL Devaraj. Rs 40,000. Details: 9444158789



    pgC_2Bard Comes Home

    We have Shakespeare in the house!A� If you have a garden, a terrace or a big living room, then the Bardolators of Bangalorea��who started off by staging the Barda��s plays in parksa��will come home with their contemporary adaptaions. a�?We can blend a reading and a performance of A Midsummer Nighta��s Dream, which in our hands is a same sex story,a�? says founder Danish Sheikh. Rs 10,000 onwards. Details: danishsheikh726@gmail.com



    pgC_5Truckina�� good Time

    A chef on call is no novelty anymore. If you want to make an impression, bring home a kitchen on wheels! Field Caterers, who were busy plying their food truck to remote, flood-affected areas of the city and cooking on the spot, are willing to drive down to your beach house and cook for as long as you can party. Chef Elang Kumaran recommends plenty of grilled meats and vegetables, tandoor kebabs and light mains like a stir-fry or pasta with a pesto sauce for a New Yeara��s Eve menu. From Rs 900 per person (for a minimum of 25 people). Details: 9884009233



    pgC_3play It Right

    Fresh off the success of their Christmas pantomime, Prince of Persia, The Little Theatre says they can keep the fun going at home, with small productions that have great storytelling potential. a�?If we get the set-up righta��a place to put up some lights and musica��we can create a mini panto that will have some cool physicality, singing, dancing, the whole works we are known for,a�? says Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, the artistic director of the city-based theatre group. Rs 2 lakh onwards for a 60-minute performance. Details: thelittletheatre@gmail.com

    Band Conscious



    Black Letters
    In the mood for some alternate music? Book the Kochi-based band, Black Letters. Inspired by dream pop, synth pop and various electronic styles, the quartet will entertain with rock and pop from their albums. All you need to provide is the sound equipment and the space for them to put up a 60-minute performance. Rs 60,000. Details: 09895593687



    Best Kept Secret

    Take your year ending bash up a few notches with the Bengaluru-based electro pop band, Best Kept Secret. On the brink of cutting their debut album, they recently signed up with Universal Music Records. On doing private parties, lead vocalist Behram Siganporia says, a�?I love Freddy Mercury, and I’ve grown up on retro music, so we love covering retro.a�? They can perform on December 30 and January 1. Rs 2 lakhs (not including travel, accomodation and sound arrangements). Details: 09743066007

    pgC_7At The Bar

    You have the booze but no one to mix a cocktail? City-based mixologist Mukesh Reddy can help. Hea��ll not only help you customise a bar menu, but he will also bring along bartenders, waiters, bar accessories and even the bar table. a�?Flavoured mojitos are trending and my pineapple and guava Cosmopolitans are a hit, too,a�? he says. Book before December 29. From Rs 10,000 (for a group of 20). Details: 9962609692

    Most party planners in the city swear by Nalla Samy. The head of the Chennai Institute of Bartending (in Thiruvanmiyur), he not only hires out his services, but hea��ll also help you pick up the tricks of the trade with a short four-hour workshop (Rs 2,500 for a group of five). Samy supplies portable bar counters, equipped with a professional bartender, glassware and everything else youa��d need. The host has to supply the liquor. a�?Seasonal cocktails are trending (blueberry mojhitos, anyone?) along with staples like the Manhattan and Sex on the Beach,a�? he says. Rs 2,500 onwards for a party of five. Details: 9841885504


    Up for Karaoke
    Set up a virtual karaoke club night in your home with iSing Karaoke. The Android app has recently added a Bollywood section to its playlist, too. Sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram details and record songs in MP3 or MV format. You can also upload your recordings or listen to othersa��. Add effects to your songs before sharing it on social media. Details: isingmobi.com

    Shall we dance?
    If your guests are couch-bound after a few rounds of beer or tequila shots, the Bounden app can get them grooving on the dance floor. A dancing game for two, it features a list of eight dance routines, choreographed by a ballet company. Two people need to hold the phone and follow the cursor and dots flashing on the screen. Rs 199 on iTunes. Details: bounden.gameovenstudios.com

    Ita��s 2016!
    For sure, download the New Year Countdown app, developed by Aqreadd Studios. Even if you are lost in your year-end celebrations, the app will keep a track of the time and change your phonea��s wallpaper as the calendar turns 1.1.2016. You can customise the font and choose between the sphere, sprinkle or radial effects to depict a�?2016a��. Free on Play Store. Details: aqreadd.com/apps

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