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    From succulent lamb burgers, chicken and cheese sandwiches and mutton chops to juicy, deep-fried kebabs and specialty coffees, our midnight food brigade
    is at your service.


    Say good-bye to instant noodles and potato chips and try a proper meal with our pick of options that operate past 12 am

    fd1Day-long affair
    a�?We will not let you sleep hungrya�� is the tagline of Midnight Hunger Solution a�� a 24/7 delivery service in Indiranagar. They offer a range of dishes from Mughlai, North Indian and Chinese cuisines, but ita��s their biriyanis and kebabs that are the most popular. Ideal for informal parties, a few of their other bestsellers include mutton pepper dry,
    mushroom 65 and palak paneer. Rs350 upwards. Details: 89222999

    fd2Asian platter
    Lesser-known Oceana, on the cramped Markham Road, has an extensive menu and offers a good mix of Indian and Chinese fare, a sprinkling of Malaysian, Thai and Arabian dishes, milk shakes, ice cream shakes,
    lassis and sundaes. Try the butter-fried chilli prawn, chicken goreng, Thai spring roll, or murgh malai tikka to replenish your energy levels after a wild party. Rs350
    for two. Details: 9741141412

    fd3]jpgHighway on my plate
    Give the delivery boy a miss and sit-downat the Rasta Cafe on Mysore Road. This 24-hour cafe offers crispy chicken and lamb burgers, a choice of pastas, steaks and sandwiches. Plus, starters like bruschetta, crispy-fried chicken, to be washed down with a fruit smoothie or a honey ginger coffee. Rs400 for two. At Mayaganahalli. Details: 9900072782

    fd4Indian flavours
    Dedicated entirely to Indian food, Sanjhi Dopahar which stays open until 1 am is just the place for a wide variety of starters, rotis, curries, dals and biriyani. Located in Koramangala, their specials include paneer anar ki sheek, sahajani tangri, sufiyani murgh, tandoori mahi tikka, mutton dilruba and Rajasthani kheer. Rs400 for two.
    Details: 9590108022

    Compiled byA�

    Rashmi Rajagopal and Avinash Kumai


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