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    When Prince Liam turns investigator in season two ofA� The Royals.

    Season 1 of The Royals, a show that revolves around the scandals and drama of a fictional British royal family, ended with the assassination of King Simon. The new season will see Chronicles of Narnia actor, William Moseley as Prince Liam, transforming from a playboy to a more serious heir to the throne, as he is on the lookout for his fathera��s killer along with his twin, Princess Eleanor (played by Alexandra Park). The 29-year-old Moseley tells us more.

    What do you like the most about your character?
    He is a very driven person. And I love that. When I was a kid, I watched all theA� Harrison Ford films (Air Force One, The Fugitive). In these films, the characters are driven to do something great, they are up against it (the situation) where we feel they are never going to achieve their goals. In this season, Liam is very focused, he is almost sober a�� sober of girls and alcohol, and his only aim is to find the killer.

    On Prince Liam avenging his fathera��s death.
    I dona��t think he really wants to be a part of the palace or a part of royal life anymore. However, Eleanor convinces him that they can achieve much more by being inside the walls. So Liam leverages the strength that he is being now given by the new king Cyrus Henstridge, his uncle, and takes that opportunity to find the murderer.

    The status of Prince Liam and Opheliaa��s relationship.
    Ita��s always torrid. They are star-crossed lovers for the lack of a better term. Liam has a hopelessness towards the relationship.

    On fight sequences.
    I did have a fight scene where I got beaten up. Getting beaten up is a lot harder than beating someone else up. You dona��t realise how soft punches hit at the same place multiple times can actually end up hurting after a while. So I would rather be on the giving than the receiving end (laughs).

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