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    In a radio station, there is always the chance of someonea��s idea getting poached or shot down. Over the years, Ia��ve heard some phenomenal creative pitches from different individuals that never saw the light of day due to many reasons. Ideas get hijacked right under your nose, maybe because those around you are totally incapable of drawing up a great radio plan.
    A potentially good idea needs to be protected from creative imposters and shown to the right people at the right time for it to get a nod. You literally have to slither past those who will just not let you pass. Remember, you always have to find a way to outsmart them. What really puts off a lot of creative people is when an idea is taken from them only to be flipped around like a burger patty and turned into something inedible.
    The problem lies when a station hires a person claiming to be a creative think tank. Actually, coming to think of it, ita��s a win-win situation for listeners. If the stations hired the right person for the gig, then it will be a pleasant on-air experience for us listeners. But if theya��ve got an imposter (and in most cases, they do get it wrong), ita��s live humour for us listeners as well.
    Great ideas can make or break you in a radio station. Some might believe that you are over-achieving, while those who feel threatened by your presence will find a way out for you. The best way, and I guess the only way, to exist in a radio unit, is to be mediocre and consistently churn out rotten ideasa��just like those that you hear on your radio sets. Always behave like someone who is below par and the salary will get credited at the end of every month.
    When you hear pointless stuff on the radio, you know that the station has run out of ideas. You really cana��t blame radio units when they air rubbish, as their only strength lies in their mediocrity. See you next week.

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