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Post the successful launch of her EP, Nirmika Singh heads South for a live gig

The is a rising star in the indie music scene in the country and even has a three-track EP called Jhoothe released in February to her credit. Nirmika Singh (28) is a music journalist with Rolling Stones magazine, who moved to Mumbai from her home in Delhi about six years ago in pursuit of a career in music. a�?But I cana��t imagine giving up one (writing) for the other (music). I need a full-time job to keep my interest in music alive,a�? she admits.
Singh is singer, composer and lyricist, and Jhoothe is the first track from the EP. An introspective acoustic Hindi ballad, the lyrics talk about how fragile human relationships are, and how each one of us continues to live a lie in some form or another. a�?I wrote these songs when I was in my mid-20s, when everything in my life was falling into place. A great job, a new relationship and yet I faced this constant questioning whether whatever is happening was right, and if I was prepared for it. I tried to encapsulate this feeling in the song, and there is a lot of guilt tripping happening in that number,a��a�� she says.
Singh has formal training in western vocals and was in the school choir before she formed a band and performed live gigs at various events and clubs in Delhi. a�?Ia��ve tried to replicate our daily life experiences in my lyrics so people can relate to it,a�? she says, promising to perform these songs as part of her album tour in Bengaluru. a�?Ita��s my first show here and I promise to make it lively with cheerful numbers,a�? she concludes.
February 26. At Indigo Live Music bar, Koramangala. Tickets (Rs 300) on bookmyshow.com
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