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Actress Megan Boone (Inset)

Actress Megan Boone on her new show The Blacklist and how sheA� prepared for the role

The Blacklist on Star World Premiere HD has already been lauded for leading actor James Spadera��s performance and the chemistry between him and Megan Boone, which clicked from the beginning. For the uninitiated, the drama series revolves around one of the FBIa��s most wanted fugitives, Raymond Reddington (James Spader), who suddenly surrenders to the FBI with an offer to help catch a terrorist under the condition that he speaks only to Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), a young FBI profiler.

Megan Boone talks about her preparation for theA� show and her chemistry with James Spader.

For research, I met with different FBI profilers who interviewed the crazy psychopaths. But most of the things I learned from the character come as the series evolves. Like she has a better sense of humour now. Also through the audition process I was discovering things in the moment.

It’s interesting to see how the dynamic between us (her and James Spader) as actors parallels our dynamic as characters. Ia��m a bit of a novice; hea��s established in his work. He really does care for me; therea��s a paternalistic nature to it. Hea��s very unconventional. Ia��m really nostalgic and I have a very strong connection to relationships in my life. Ita��s really life imitating art in many ways.

Actors in one hour drama series on TV are the hardest working actors. Ita��s grueling. I think ita��s important to keep banter on the set.

I love that commonality in stories where we question what is criminal and what isna��t. What makes a person morally upstanding and what makes them corrupt. That you can live inside the law and be corrupt and you can live inside the world of crime and be a morally upstanding citizen.

Actiona��s a big element of the show. I’ve been exercising a lot. But I have stunt people doing the major work for me. I did get bruised though when I was being dragged into a car by a stunt guy playing a criminal. As he dragged me into a car, I was like, “Ca��mon this is a rehearsal! But Ia��m forgiving!”

The Blacklist airs Saturdays on Star World Premiere at 2 pm

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