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With a shave studio and oodles of privacy, Jiva Spa spotlights its salon

There is something missing when you walk into the spanking new Jiva salon at the Taj Club Housea��clutter, cacophony and chaos. Instead, the experience is more like the lime and jaggery drink they welcome you witha��warm and delicious.

Mind---Jiva-2Branching out
Taja��s award-winning Jiva spa has been known for its Indian, all-natural therapies since 2004. And though salon services were a part of the package, not too many (outside of regulars) knew about it. So this year, they decided to open up a space dedicated to favourites like facials, hair spas and mani-pedis, and Chennai is the city they decided to branch out with. a�?We launched our experience-oriented salon here because we have a strong client base in the city and, quite frankly, we also had the space for it,a�? says Ian Dubier, General Manager,A�Taj Club House.

With dedicated areas for different services, privacy and comfort are key here. And except for some premium, out-of-a-bottle productsa��like shampoos (Moroccan Oil) and creams (OPI)a��everything else used at the salon are hand-blended, taking forward the all-natural promise. So while a pedicure might use an OPI cuticle cream, the scrubs, oils and massage creams (part of the a�?Poshaa�� range that has sweet almond, grape seed, neem and orange extracts) are Jiva specialities.


Premium care
As you walk into the salon you realise everything has been weighed, analysed and executed with customer comfort in minda��right from the music (no blaring pop songs here) to little relaxation oases, where you can put up your feet after your treatment is over and sip on some more of that warm drink. a�?Even the waxing room has a relaxation chair so that you can take your time and rest a little,a�? says Beni Kikon, the spa manager.Mind---Jiva-3

For men, therea��s a dedicated shave studio where you can recreate the classic barbershop experience. a�?Our special shaving ritual incorporates spa elementsa��like cleansing, toning and exfoliationa��followed by a double shave and a relaxing face massage. Our high-quality ingredients pamper the skin and their anti-oxidant properties will keep the skin looking young and fresh,a�? adds Dubier.

Mind---Jiva-1The salon, which officially opened last Saturday (February 15), believes customers will fall in love with their Anana Lepa facial (which uses fruit-based products), their hair spas (a Paul Mitchell experience) and their pedicures (which I can testify to). Their services are so thorough that they even make you fill a form, listing out medical problems, so they can customise massage techniques according to your needs.

From 9 am to 9 pm, at Jiva Spa and Salon, Taj Club House. While facials and hair spas start from Rs 1,300, a beard and moustache trim starts from Rs 200. Advance bookings are recommended. Details: 66313951

– Surya Praphulla Kumar


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