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    With patchwork detailing and hues of indigo, Brass Tacks brings Boro inspirations to town A�

    HATa��S special about the Boro Collection at Brass Tacks, we ask Anaka Narayanan. a�?Everything, obviously!a�? smiles the founder and creative tour de force behind the city label. The eight-year-old fashion boutique, known for its well-cut silhouettes juxtaposed with traditional Indian fabrics, celebrates yet another milestone, with their array of Boro-inspired designs. This is the first time that Chennaiites are being introduced to this Japanese art by a local designer. Narayanan was intrigued by the technique of reusing antique textiles during her travels in Japan in early 2015. a�?In true Boro, old garments are mended in a patchwork style with hand-stitching, and sometimes two old fabrics or garments are used together to make one new piece,a�? explains the 35-year-old, adding, a�?A lot of textiles are dyed indigo and lot of textile crafts are used.a�?

    Something new1
    True to its inspiration, the edgy collection of dresses, tops, pants and jackets is marked by unique stitching, patches and hues of indigo and blue. Anaka has used crepe and Bemberg silk, khadi cotton, linen and denim fabrics to craft this line, which also debuted Brass Tacksa�� first denim jeans (which incidentally sold out in record time). a�?This is the first time that wea��ve had a classic line of styles, a trend line and a small experimental line within one collection, so 35 styles instead of the usual 20. The purpose is to have a variety of silhouettes,a�? adds the economics graduate from Reed College (Oregon, USA).

    Team effort
    The multi-talented Anaka, who was juggling administrative and marketing roles within the brand until a few months ago, credits her dedicated team and her customers for the branda��s evolution and success. a�?I hired our first tailor and pattern maker in January of 2007.a�? she reminisces (the store opened in August 2007). a�?Our core customera��modern, urban, career-ambitious, thoughtful, intelligent and interested in showing her Indian-ness in a way that’s relevant to hera��has kept us going,a�? she adds. With a successful e-store, exhibitions across the country and the world (Singapore and New York) and a second Bengaluru store in the pipeline, we can’t wait to see what this talented team gives us next.
    Rs 1,200 onwards. Details: 42081767
    a�� Shibi Kumaramangalam


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