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Amyt Datta returns to the city with a new set up

Legendary guitarist Amyt Datta has been there, done that. From playing with bands like Skinny Alley, and Pink Noise, to holding classes for young musicians and working on his own music, hea��s got his schedule packed with sessions in the studio, performances and rehearsals, so much so, that ita��s a bit of a challenge to get him on the phone for an interview. Giving his fans a treat, with a completely new set up, the Kolkata-based jazz-rock guitarist now makes his way to the city as part of the Amyt Datta Project. a�?The band includes three of my students, apart from me. I wanted to give my students a platform to showcase their talents. There are very few avenues in India to perform and sharpen your skills. So ita��s important to make the most of what you get,a�? begins Datta.
Joining him on stage will be Akash Ganguly on bass guitar, Arinjoy Sarkar on guitar and Dwaipayan Saha on drums. Playing a mix of numbers from three albums a�� Ambiance de Danse, Pietra Dura and Amino Acid, which is set to release in the next few months. a�?Ia��ve been playing so many styles for so many years. My music does not fit into one category or genre. I love experimenting so much that, Ia��ve even crossed over to Indian and Spanish music. Sometimes, youa��ll hear Carnatic notes in the middle of a serious jazz piece, but it works,a�? explains Datta, adding, a�?With instrumental music, it is so difficult to get your point across. Hence, ita��s challenging to create the mood or ambience youa��re going for, because there are no words to indicate it.a�?
For his gig at The BFlat, he will be pulling out some of his favourite numbers, right from Black Pages a�� a song that is a take on his writing process, to Chase a�� an uptempo number that looks at how we spend our lives always chasing after something. a�?Music is not just about entertainment, ita��s also about making a statement,a�? he signs off.
Today. At The BFlat Bar, Indiranagar. 9 pm. Tickets (Rs 400) on bookmyshow.com

a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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