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Is social media making us narrow-minded? Stand-up artiste Sapan Verma
promises to get you thinking

Stand-up comedy shows often follow the same pattern. The comedians begin by cracking jokes about themselves and slowly get into the crux of the show where they veer towards their observations and anecdotes about regional differences and their all-time favourite topic a�� politics. However, breaking this stereotype is Mumbai comedian Sapan Verma. A core member of the East India Comedy (EIC) group, he will be performing in the city on September 25 and says he will be different.
Speaking about his first solo act, he says, a�?My show will be like story-telling session meets comedy. I will be recounting everyday anecdotes. From the current education system to dealing with parents, house-hunting to GenX issues, it will encompass the entire spectrum.a�? He will begin the show with his take on OCD a�� Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
He began his journey in the industry five years ago when a bunch of comedians came under one roof to form the East India Comedy, now among the busiest in India with shows throughout the year. Sapan and Sorabh Pant have been doing solo shows. Now they want to take it easy and focus on content and show of EIC. a�?We are brainstorming and will soon announce the dates of our next show or concept,a�? he adds.
Stand-up comedy has become a tool where young people who are comedians deliver a strong message through their shows. The youth who attend the show generally have a few takeaways from these shows. So what’s Sapan’s value addition in his upcoming show? a�?There will be one story in this show where I talk about how the internet and social media are making us narrow-minded. I hope the audience get the point and I can get them to think about it long after the show,a�?says the artiste who just received the WCRC 21 Young Guns award for India’s New Age Most Versatile Comedian 2016.
The Funny Side Up presents Obsessive Comedic Disorder with Sapan Verma will be held at the Bhaskara Auditorium: Birla Science Centre on September 25, 7 pm onwards. Tickets `399 Details: bookmyshow.com

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