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    The comedian A�and producer talks sequels, 22 Jump Street and his shift to serious films

    Given that 21 Jump Street grossed over $200 million worldwide, a sequel to the smash comedy would seem like a no-brainer. But its maker, still took some persuading. a�?Ia��ve deliberately never done a sequel before to any of the movies Ia��ve been in,a�? says Jonah Hill. The 30-year-old star of Superbad and The Wolf of Wall Street says, a�?Because I didna��t think they could ever be funnier than the original.a�? However, in 22 Jump Street, the innovative comedy has hapless undercover cops Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) returning to college, after barely surviving high school a�� the very notion of mocking the whole a�?lamea�� idea of sequels was cleverly pre-built into the franchise. In a recent interview with Conan Oa��Brien, Tatum revealed he had a bet with Hill before the release of 21 Jump Street. While Tatum felt that the film would do over $35 million, Hill said that if it did, he would kiss the tip of Tatuma��s p***s a�� a�?over the boxers,a�? he specified. Though the film opened with over $35 million, Hill still hasna��t finished the task. More from him:

    Laughing at yourself
    a�?Jump Street movies work because of their self-awareness and making fun of themselves. With this one, right from the get go, we wanted to make fun of ourselves and the whole idea of doing a sequel: how sequels are always just worse and more expensive and how they try to recapture a magic that is just impossible to recapture.a�? Pressure was on to repeat that success a�� something that Hilla��s co-written script has a lot of fun with. a�?Do exactly the same as the last time and everyonea��s happy!a�? Nick Offermana��s deputy chief Hardy instructs Schmidt and Jenko before he sends them back to bust yet another student drug ring. Nothing stays a�?exactlya�� the same, including the fact that the a�?boysa�� this time round now look even less like they could pass for 19-year-olds.

    Art of bromance
    In 22 Jump Street, the tables are turned and Jenko gets to be Mr Popular, becoming a star football player, whilst Schmidt is socially side-lined. But despite the toll this takes on their charactersa�� a�?bromancea��, the buddy chemistry between the two leads remains irresistible. a�?We are genuinely friends in real life,a�? says Hill of him and Tatum. a�?A big part of making a sequel was wanting to make another film together.a�? And, though equally sought after as actors, their friendship is entirely non-competitive. a�?That is kind of the great thing about our relationship,a�? enthuses Hill, a�?the desire to help the other one out and to really support one another as opposed to compete.a�? This extends to stuff like stunts. a�?Channing is very passionate about doing his own stunts,a�? says Hill admiringly. Whereas Hill is happy to take a back seat. a�?I am always up for trying stuff,a�? he says, a�?but if there is a chance that I could get seriously hurt I am not the kind of person that would fight you on that.a�?

    Keeping it real
    Recently, Hill has made a conscious move away from comedy towards more serious dramas, starting with Cyrus and eventually leading him to Oscar-nominated performances in the likes of Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, as well as Django Unchained. Hill states, a�?Ia��ve worked with some of the great directors, like Scorsese and Bennett Miller, as well as a lot of comedy directors, and they have pretty much all encouraged people to explore and improvise. I think that it is a wonderful way to get even more truthful in a specific moment, whether it is comedy or drama.a�? Remarkably adept at flipping between these genres, Hill does not consider one form higher than the other. As he puts it, a�?Turning the TV series into a movie was my idea. I would say I am pretty much one of the main architects of the whole franchisea�?. There are a�?no plans as of nowa�? for a 23 Jump Street, despite playful hints.

    The film is scheduled A�to release today.

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