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The Mahindra KUV100 surprises you with every little detail. Did someone say don’t judge a book by its cover?

THERE are some vehicles that are hard to wrap your head around–their design and purpose aren’t easily understood at the
first go. The Mahindra KUV100 is preciselysuch a product–it looks like it belongs in a Cars movie sequel thanks its very animated proportions and you could spend an entire day wondering whether it’s an overgrown hatchback or a downsized SUV. The design wasn’t
something that appealed to us instantly either, but we found out we were completely overlooking something.

Design diva
No matter where we went with the KUV100, women seemed to fall in love with this little SUV at first glance and almost unanimously, all the men didn’t care much about it. This clearly is a vehicle that attracts the fairer sex and design details like the sleek sunglass look up front and the stubby rear, do stand out instantly. The cabin is a different story. The KUV100’s cabin looks almost European with nice textures and fabric all around. The dash may seem high but the position of that gear lever is not only ergonomic, but also makes you feel like you’re in a WRC rally car.

Go-kart performance
We drove the diesel KUV100 and this is where this compact Mahindra really scores with those who love to drive. It may be just a 1.2-litre, three pot oil burner under the hood, but one spin around the block will convince you that it’s got a bigger engine powering it. 190Nm of torque is what defines the KUV’s performance and the 23kmpl fuel efficiency (as per ARAI) is an enticing figure indeed. With a tiny footprint and an awesome suspension setup, the KUV handles extremely well too, making it one of the most fun vehicles in its class.

Practical purchase
One of the best parts about the KUV100 (once you get over the quirky design), is the practicality built in. The frontbench makes seating flexible, underseat storage is very usable and there’s even a small space in the boot dedicated to storing extra shoes. At `5.6-7.2 lakh (ex-showroom, Chennai) and tonnes of variants in between to choose from, the KUV100 comes across as a vehicle that will keep both men and women happy for various reasons. Isn’t that the perfect formula for a real family car then?
Details: mahindrakuv100.com

—Muntaser Mirkar


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