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    Guitarist Eric Clapton and celebrated producer, Glyn Johns, on their brand new album, I Still Do.

    AFTER half a century in the music industry, 11 Grammy awards and over 22 studio albums, Eric Clapton is still going strong. The 71-year-old blues-rock guitarist has now reunited with producer Glyn Johnsa��who worked with him on the triple-platinum record,A� Slowhanda��after 40 years for the album, I Still Do, which released last week. We speak to the maestros to find out more about the 12-track record.
    The album is hard-core blues with a dirty guitar sound.
    Johns:A� Ita��s Claptona��s guitar sound, all I did was record it. The main difference was the process we used, which was to do everything live. It enables you to capture live sound.
    Clapton: I like to sing on just the one mic, and have everyone record on that. You record drums, guitars, and vocals all on tape and mix it after.
    Which guitars did you use?
    Clapton: I used an A Strat and a Gibson ES 335.
    How many takes did you need, for each song?
    Johns: No more than three or four takes. The thing about Erica��s guitar has always been that hea��s not the type of player that sits and works things out. It comes literally as an emotive responsea��his playing goes straight from his heart to his fingers.
    Favourite track
    Clapton: The first one that comes to mind is Cyprus Grove, because ita��s the deepest part of what I do.
    Johns: Spiral. It is an interaction between his guitar and his voice. The band reacts to it as hea��s doinga��ita��s very cool.
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