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Dada Life brings their unique big room electro-house sound to town this evening

Founded in 2006 by the Swedish duo of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, Dada Life has become quite a force in the EDM genre. From chart-busting tracks like Rolling Stones T-shirt, Happy Violence, and Feed The Dada, to memorable remixes of Dynasty by Kaskade (featuring Haley), Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce, Prutataaa by Afrojack and R3hab, they are best known for their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and over-the-top performances. Read: The Electric Daisy Carnival in 2011 where they brought on stage a full marching band to perform the song White Noise/Red Meat. Engblom talks to us about the notorious duo, rioting crowds and petitioning the United Nations to recognise their fictitious nation, Dada Land.

The beginning
We came from two different spectrums of dance music. I preferred the harder sound andA� Olle a softer sound. When we came together the Dada Life sound was born.

Getting together
We met at a chilli cook-off here in Sweden and we started talking. Suddenly we were like, a�?Oh you make dance music? I make dance music!a�? We met the next day, and made a track, the first Dada Life release called Big Time.

Talking genres
I think people make a mistake when they try to classify our sound. We dona��t care about genres and labels. We only make music that makes us happy.

The stage factor
Ita��s all about having fun. Leave your brain at home, come to the club and have fun. I think too many DJs take themselves too seriously, they think theya��re too cool. We love what we do, down with the crowd. They feed us with their good energy and we give them great energy and we become this one, dysfunctional family.

Rioting fans
What happened was that the tickets were sold out although they said that a few tickets were available at the door. The club was full but 2,000-3,000 fans landed up to buy tickets at the door and it turned into chaos. They had to call the riot squad, helicopters in the sky and the whole Hollywood boulevard had armed cops. We were standing in the club watching all of this. That was the best show we didna��t do.

A nation called Dada Land
We need a place where we can be free and do what we want to do. You know, no rules but the rules of Dada. Wea��ve been sending out diplomatic letters to all major nations over the world. Wea��re a 100 per cent serious about this. People often think that wea��re joking, but wea��re not.

Bangalore special
When it comes to our show, we never reveal whata��s going to happen. And sometimes, we dona��t even know it! Ita��s about expecting the unexpected.

Dream collaboration
At the moment, little Richard. He is 81, so ita��s still possible. Wea��ve reached out to him, so we keep our fingers crossed!

Dada rules
Some are ways of life, like cheating is winning. Some are practical, like no BBQ a�� or Indian food for that matter a�� before a gig. But the most important of them all is probably: dona��t trust us.

In 10 years
We have no idea. We could be doing jazz-electro-kiddy-pop or doing opera.

Beyond the music
I play video games. Olle loves cooking. We love all kinds of food, and in India wea��ll have so much fun.

4 pm onwards. At The Royal Orchid, Domlur. Tickets (Rs. 2,200 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

a�� Susanna Chandy


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