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Indigo 91.9 launches the newest music destination for a�?fun young Bangalorea�� today

he citya��s popular 24/7 international music radio channel kicks off their newest venture, Indigo Live,A� with a two-day festival featuring Kolkata-based electronic alternate rockers Zoo, Frame/Frame and Medieval Punditz. Promising a�?at least 4 to 5a�� live gigs a week at this unique space curated by Indigoa��s team of music specialists, Sanjay Prabhu, COO Indigo, tells us that this venture is an obvious brand extension for them. a�?Indigo Live music bar will be the headquarters of entertainment for a�?Fun, Younga�� Bangalore. After tuning into all the international music on radio, now Bangaloreans can experience it live.a�?

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Spread over two levels, the first is an enclosed a�?music bara��. The walls here are covered with street art by the enigmatic and elusive Sickboy a�� one of the most famous International graffitti artists based out of London. a�?We wanted the space designated for a�?Fun, Younga�� Bangalore and Sickboy clearly reflects that young trend,a�? says Prabhu adding that his art has been used to create a a�?cool, contemporary music destinationa�� vibe.

The result is an exuberant space filled with colour, and elements like a statement long bar that is bedecked with classic vinyl and cassettes, and illuminated by LED and garage lighting. The main feature on this floor is the large stage with 3D mapping and projection technology. The top floor, Indigo Live Terrace, boasts of one of the largest LED screens in town, dedicated to screening both the live performances one level down or major sporting events. a�?Ita��s like nothing we have ever seen in Bangalore or even India a�� the convergence of street art and 3D mapping technology, the seamless collision of fashion and music, and distinctive on-stage programming,a�? says Prabhu.

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As far as performances go, Indigo Live strictly adheres to a�� a�?Artistes that appeal to the youth and have immense natural energy on stagea�?. Promising to go beyond rockA� andA� EDM, Prabhu also ensures a mix of indie artistes from more modern genres with four to five performances each week. Plus, plenty of fashion, comedy and culture, in the hope that a�?this space will totally change the way Bangalore partiesa��.

Expect global cuisine and a well-stocked bar here (a�?pani puri slammers with tequilla shotsa��) as well as master classes by musicians.
At JNC Road, Koramangala. Details: 8197574042

a��Susanna Chandy


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